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Abigail Bellweather is one of the main characters in Motherland: Fort Salem. She is portrayed by Ashley Nicole Williams.


Brash, unquestionably alpha, driven, courageous, deeply attractive and a bit of a man-eater Abigail is a witch and the daughter of the formidable, decorated General Petra Bellweather. Abigail shares a comfortable and loving bond with her mother, and is excited to be joining the ranks of the witches' army, like many generations of Bellweathers before her, though she's not unaffected by the pressure to live up to her name. Abigail takes her training very seriously and butts heads with the far less-motivated Raelle.


Abigail is from New York and summered every year in Annapolis, Maryland. Her family has a long history in the United States army leading back to her ancestor, a former slave, that fought under General Alder.

The Bellweather name is very well known in the army, as all of Abigail's aunts, grandmothers, and mother have served before her. It was her fate and duty to eventually serve in the U.S. military. She was well-known in the High Atlantic witch circle and knew many of the cadets who are also from elite families with whom she is training at Fort Salem prior to enlisting, such as Libba Swythe and Gerit Buttonwood.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Abigail watches a parade from a building with her boyfriend - Paul. Paul insists on continuing their relationship, but she compels him to move on. Later, her mother - Petra tells Abigail that she owes it to her slave ancestor to succeed. Abigail excitedly takes the oath to join the military, with her mother's support. She becomes a Private, First Class cadet at Fort Salem and was placed in a unit with Raelle Collar and Tally Craven. Abigail is confident, driven, and wants to be number one at the academy. At first, she is reluctant to be in a unit with Raelle because Raelle doesn't seem motivated enough and her poor work attitude affects the unit's performance and generally reflects poorly on her. When she attempts to get reassigned to another unit, General Alder refuses and instead tells her to buck up and to work with her unit sisters until they are all on the same page. They do well in a harmonics exercise and she and Raelle agree that they don't have to be friends to work together. However, they continue to butt heads.

Abigail meets her rival - Libba Swythe during training and they exchange insults. Anacostia Quartermain forces Abigail to perform the discord seed as punishment for Raelle's tiredness. At lunch, Raelle tries to heal her, but Abgail doesn't trust her and rejects it. The unit argue about Tally's mother while performing unified windstrikes. They use their frustration to blast through solid metal. Anacostia congratulates them and tells them their going to Salem Town. During the pageant, Abigail leaves to get food and Raelle follows her. They agree to stay away from each other's problems. The duo get along for a while until Scylla Ramshorn shows up and Raelle leaves. A panic about a Spree balloon ensues. Abigail, Tally, and Glory try to calm the people down, but Tally windstrikes a man who blames all witches for the Spree attacks. When Anacostia hears about it, Abigail covers for her. Later, in the unit's room, the girls have alcohol and Abigail gets along with Raelle and Libba.

Abigail is confident as ever when the male witches come to Fort Salem for Beltane. A young cadet named Clive introduces himself at the picnic and they start to flirt. She asks to meet his friend, Augustin Alcala, as well. Later on, Clive and Abigail make out and possibly have sex while Augustin watches.

Petra is intent on Abigail having a successful career and getting into War College. She demands that she do better and that she invite her unit to her cousin's wedding, which she reluctantly agrees to do. During training with their scourge whips, Libba distracts Abigail and she gets hit by a moving dummy. Libba asks if Abigail is even trying ti get in War College. During Beltane, Abigail has sex with both Clive and Augustin. When Clive and Augustin go back to their academy, Abigail doesn't even go to say goodbye because she got what she needed from them and training is her only mission.

At the wedding, Abigail tries to connect with the generals and the Dean of War College, until, just as her cousin Charvel warned her, she ultimately realized that her skills and credentials mean nothing because of her last name; regardless of how she performs in basic, she will get into War College as a result of her family's pristine war reputation. This realization hurt Abigail, as she wants to succeed on her own merits and get out of her mother's shadow by making a name for herself through her own achievements.

At the wedding, Abigail discovers her beloved cousin slain by The Spree. She gets ambushed by two Spree assassins and immediately tries to fend them off when she is unable to vocalize. Her mother comes to save her, but Abigail still walks away with a minor stab wound.

Abigail is traumatized after the wedding, feeling a mix of shock, remorse, and guilt about her cousin's death. As this was Abigail's first true experience with war, she realizes that it is much more complicated and traumatic than she expected and she eventually starts to lose her enthusiastic "grind her country's enemies into dust" mindset, though she keeps up her facade around others so as to not appear weak to her peers and superiors. She pushes everyone away, including her unit sisters, and claims to be fine. Her mother assigns her a bodyguard, Bridey, because it appears that the Bellweather matriline has been specifically targeted and she wants Abigail to stay protected. Abigail refuses the help at first but then starts to relate to and learn from Bridey, a decorated veteran in her own right.

After some days, Abigail bonds with Adil, a mysterious boy from the Tarim who just arrived in Fort Salem along with his sick sister, Khalida. Though the two keep having different opinions about the actions of the Army in the world, their friendship seems to turn into something more and the two share a kiss. When Adil asks for help with his sister, whose sickness was too severe for even Fort Salem's best Fixers to treat, Abigail goes to Raelle and begs for her help, admitting that she was a powerful witch who could do things that none of the rest of the cadets could do. Raelle agreed and used her powers to heal the child, but when Raelle became confused, since she didn't take on any aspect of Khalida's sickness as she normally does when she heals someone, Abigail assumes that it just means that she was just getting stronger and more powerful and compliments her on her work before reminding her of all they could accomplish if they applied themselves to their training.

The next morning, the cadets undergo the final exercise of their training, the Citydrop, where they are warned that this was their final assignment before graduation, and failure would result in the cadets losing their chance to go to War College and instead being deployed early. Unfortunately, as soon as they arrived at their location, Raelle learned that Tally had told Anacostia that Scylla was in the Spree, which Abigail then found out as well. This makes the entire unit preoccupied, with Abigail upset that Tally knew Scylla was involved with her cousin Charvel's murder and furious that Raelle would bring her to the wedding, but Raelle is insistent that Scylla is innocent. but just after its beginning, first Raelle and then Abigail find out that Tally knew that Scylla is Spree.

Divided and preoccupied, the squad, who were meant to be identifying and disarming mines on their assigned street, accidentally triggered a bomb in a car that causes them all to suffer a minor case of the plague. When one of the officers suggests they go home for treatment, Abigail immediately refused, unwilling to fail basic and become "war meat" in early deployment.

During the night, still in denial, Raelle leaves by her own to find Anacostia and get answers about what happened to Scylla. Abigail and Tally, concerned, leave to go search for her and are attacked by two officers masquerading as Spree terrorists; though both women manage to defeat their opponents, Abigail, who was triggered by the attack and reminded of her first fight with the Spree, savagely beats her opponent even after she was incapacitated, forcing Tally to restrain her. Though the Bellweather Unit was commended for passing the test, Abigail was given a warning about stopping the fight when the enemy was defeated instead of getting out of control. This leaves Abigail even more intent to prove herself, not willing to lose her chance to go to War College.

The next day, Abigail is still coping with her pain and anger, but manages to put them aside for training and, during the exercise, is even able to reach some kind of respect with her rival, Libba Swythe. Before the end of Citydrop, the cadets are called for a true combat situation due to the fact that none of the other military teams were close enough to stop the Spree, who were transporting their entire arsenal of weapons by truck and headed toward Boston. Abigail and the other cadets successfully defeat the Spree by first using a unified windstrike to stop and disable the first truck, and then using a unified windshear to absolutely destroy the second truck, which contained armed mines. However, many of the cadets were injured during the second strike against them, including Abigail, who sustained a head injury, and Libba, who was ultimately killed when a piece of shrapnel ripped her heart. Devastated, Abigail begs Libba to wake up, forcing Anacostia to pull her back and comfort her as she dissolved into tears.

Still dealing with the pain of losing her fellow cadet in their first real mission, Abigail suffers another blow when Tally reveals her that in the trucks they destroyed under Alder's orders had civilians who were kept by the Spree as hostages, something that Alder had been informed of before giving the order. At first, she refuses to believe that Alder would knowingly allow the loss of civilian life, but then Tally, with Raelle's support, is able to convince her, leaving her even more sad and disappointed. Although she's somewhat comforted by Adil, who held her in her bed as she cried, Abigail's and all other cadets' trust in Alder is further tested when they gathered in the mess hall to watch General Alder's address to the nation regarding the attack. The entire group, still shell-shocked from the mission, were stunned to see their leader lie about certain aspects of the attack, including claiming that it was the Spree who killed the civilians, neglecting to mention that the soldiers who fought in the mission were only cadets who had yet to finish basic training, and distorting the circumstances of Libba's death, all to make the army look better. Abigail, Raelle, and Tally complete basic training and attend their graduation. They are elated and go to wait for their assignments. Expecting War College, they are all shocked and disappointed to see that they were assigned into combat to be deployed immediately. General Alder personally blocked their War College acceptance because she wanted them to accompany her on a rescue mission for the Tarim. Petra pulls some strings to get only Abigail into War College. She tells her she's free from deployment and that this is how things have to be done. Abigail hesitates, considering the offer, but against her mother's wishes she joins her unit in deployment. The unit flies off to go save the Tarim, along with the help of Adil. They find the remaining Tarim hidden in a cave. A little boy is suffering from the same disease that Khalida suffered from. His body is covered in winding black veins. Raelle is able to heal him. The group leaves the cave only to realize that they are surrounded by the Camarilla. The Camarilla burn the pilots alive and conjure a dust storm around the witches. The group engage the Camarilla in battle. Abigail briefly fights a member and slits his throat. The group runs to the helicopter to escape but the little boy runs out, afraid of the helicopter. Raelle goes to comfort him and to help him back into the helicopter. One of the Camarilla comes up behind her and stabs her. Abigail runs out to try to save Raelle and links herself to her, but unfortunately this leads to both of their demise as they are stuck on the ground slowly dying. Alder has to make the decision to leave them to save the others, so Raelle and Abigail are left for dead. As the helicopter leaves, Abigail tells Raelle she loves her and an explosion of black energy bursts from their hands and kills the approaching Camarilla. They walk surrounded by light and floating fungal spores, leaving growing mushrooms and fungi wherever they walk. They both appear confused and walk holding hands


Physical Appearance[]

Abigail is tall and athletic with light brown skin, dark brown, shoulder-length hair, and big brown eyes. She is very beautiful and carries herself with a lot of confidence. Her hair is often seen pulled away from her face with two French-braided half-pigtails, and she is typically seen in her training clothes, formal military uniform, or combat uniform. She is the tallest of the girls in the Bellweather Unit and has a curvier body type. Her witch's mark is on her rib cage, and because she is not a virgin, it has a metallic sheen to it.

Powers and Abilities[]


Witch Physiology: As a witch, Abigail is capable of creating change in the physical world by generating different seed sounds with her voice. As a Bellweather, she possesses strong powers from her bloodline. Along with Raelle and Tally, she is one of the most powerful cadets in her year.

  • Persuasion: She can manipulate people’s action through her words. Before leaving for Fort Salem, she ends her relationship with Paul by telling him to move on.
  • Weather Manipulation: Dubbed "Weather Work" by the witches at Fort Salem, users of which are known as Blasters. Abigail shows great potential in this field and is intent on being able to recreate her ancestor Jemm's Working that "stopped the battle cold" in her own words, if not create a whole new Working herself. In , Abigail was said to have thrown a waterspout at Raelle. With particular seed sounds, and circular motions created with her hands, Abigail is able to craft a flurrying storm, and pull down two destructive twin tornadoes. However, She ends up wounding her throat severely with this combination of workings. In Delusional, Abigail creates a massive lightning storm with three funneling tornadoes. Abigail has such precise control over this power that she is able to mimic Jemm's working during a delusion created by Nicte and brain a trio of tornadoes together before losing control. However, before her Work kills the team, she regains control and undoes the storm.
  • Storm Generation: In a fit of uncontrollable emotion along with Raelle, they were able to unintentionally brew a small lightning storm that shakes the whole training room.
  • Maelstrom Generation: By performing the seed of reversal with Raelle and Tally, the trio were able to conjure a massive maelstrom in a vocal session.
  • Windshear: First taught to the girls of Fort Salem; a “site-specific rapid conjuration impact-absorbing shield, made by layering two complicated seed sounds sub-vocally.” Abigail and the rest of the witches in basic training use this ability during their mission against the Spree in Boston, creating so much pressure that the first truck driven by a member of the Spree's leadership collides with it and is caused to flip over and roll into the nearby field.She also uses it to eroded a Carmarilla soldiers’ face off. In Irrevocable, Abigail is able to apply so much force that she shreds the Camarilla member who stole Charvel's vocal chords' face completely off, down to the bone.
  • Windstrike: Second working taught to the girls of Fort Salem; a propulsive burst of air. Together with Raelle and Tally, the group is able to exert over 1600 lbs of pressure per square foot, shown when they blast a hole through solid metal.  She and her mother use this ability to send the burning Camarilla out of the Bellweather mansion. After Raelle is stabbed by a Camarilla member, Abigail windstrikes him and sends him flying a considerable distance. In Irrevocable, she windstrikes several Camarilla members at their hideout.
  • Levitation: By using Salva, Abigail can levitate several feet off the ground, and, with practice, can perform combat drops. During Citydrop and their first real mission, she is shown to be a very competent user of Salva, landing in the grass during both jumps without causing herself injury.Additionally when she summons powerful storms with strong winds, she can use them to levitate herself in the air without Salva.
  • Detection: Abigail is shown using certain seed sounds to identify hidden mines during Citydrop.
  • Electrokinesis : Abigail turns on the lights without touching them after she wakes up from her nightmare in Up is Down.
  • Linking: After Raelle is mortally wounded, Abigail links with her in an attempt to save her life. However, this fails and Abigail ends up getting dragged into death as well.
  • Telepathy: Dubbed "Farspeech" by the witches at Fort Salem. Used by the unit to communicate and receive orders from General Alder in Not Our Daughters. In the same episode, the Camarilla member who killed Charvel and stole her voicebox uses Farspeech to lure Abigail away from the rally to be ambushed.
  • Mirror Communication: Abigail learned to communicate with her mother using mirrors.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a soldier, Abigail is in top physical condition.
  • Bilingualism: She is able to speak English as well as fluent Spanish.
  • Expert Combatant: From her training at Fort Salem, Abigail became skilled in armed and unarmed combat. She is capable of briefly holding her own against two Camarilla assassins, but was eventually defeated. After her mother comes to even the odds, she successfully defeats one of the assassins. During Citydrop, she is able to fight against two officers and eventually defeat them. During a battle with the Camarilla, she is able to fight against one and kill him by slitting his throat with his scythe.
    • Skilled Knife Wielder: During her fight with a member of the Camarilla, Abigail is able to efficiently use a knife to fight against her.
    • Skilled Scourge Wielder: During a battle with the Camarilla, Abigail is able to fight against them with her scourge.
    • Skilled Stick-Fighter: During her training, Abigail has demonstrated she is skilled at using a baton in battle.


  • Scourge: During her time at Fort Salem, Abigail has started using her scourge when in battle.
  • Salva: During her time at Fort Salem, Abigail has trained to use salva to practice combat drops.
  • Scry: During her training at Fort Salem, Abigail practices using a scry to find things, but shows no skill in it.


Obviously you're familiar with the Bellweather name...



  • Abigail has many family members in the United States army. Her family tree is so extensive that many are hidden in the civilian population, descendants of defectors and conscientious objectors from generations pasts.
    • Her female ancestor, the first member of Bellweather family to serve in U.S. Army, was a slave. Petra places a lot of pressure on Abigail to do better for this ancestor.
    • Her female ancestor,Jem Bellweather, led the infantry charge during Battle of Juarez and sacrificed herself to provide cover for Madeline Swythe and her blasters' song.
    • Both of her grandmothers died in their 50's, one in the air when her salva ran out, and the other rotting in a tent crawling with plague rats.
      • This contradicts in season 2 when we learn that Abigail's grandmother is still alive. This was stated before the writers needed the Minerva as a character in season 2.


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