Abigail Bellweather is one of the main characters in Motherland: Fort Salem. She is portrayed by Ashley Nicole Williams.

She is a driven and courageous witch who is excited to join the ranks of the witches’ army.

History Edit

Abigail is from New York and summered every year in Annapolis, Maryland. Her family has a long history in the United States army leading back to her ancestor, a former slave, that fought under General Alder.

The Bellweather name is very well known in the army, as all of Abigail's aunts, grandmothers, and mother have served before her. It was her fate and duty to eventually serve in the U.S. military.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1Edit

Abigail excitedly takes the oath to join the military, with her mother's support. She became a Private, First Class cadet at Fort Salem and was placed in a unit with Raelle Collar and Tally Craven. Abigail is confident, driven, and wants to be number one at the academy. At first, she is reluctant to be in a unit with Raelle because Raelle doesn't seem motivated enough and her poor performance affects the unit's performance. General Alder tells her to buck up and deal with it.

Abigail is confident as ever when the male witches come to Fort Salem for Beltane. A guy named Clive introduces himself at the picnic and they start to flirt. She asks to meet his friend, Augustin Alcala, as well. Later on, Clive and Abigail make out.

Relationships Edit

  • Paul - former fling in New York. She breaks up with him when she goes to Fort Salem.
  • Clive - flirtation at Fort Salem when the male witches come for Beltane.

Physical Appearance Edit

Abigail is tall with brown skin, dark brown, short hair, and big brown eyes. She is very beautiful and carries herself with a lot of confidence.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Witch Physiology: As a witch, Abigail is capable of affecting change by generating different sound frequencies with her voice. As she comes from the Bellweather family she has strong powers gifted by her bloodline.

  • Mental Manipulation: She can manipulate people’s action through suggestions. Before leaving for Fort Salem, she ends her relationship with Paul by telling him to move on.
  • Storm Generation: In a fit of uncontrollable emotion along with Raelle they were able to unintentionally brew a small lightning storm that shook the whole training room.

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Obviously you're familiar with the Bellweather name...


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  • Abigail has many family members in the United States army.

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Motherland Fort Salem Cadet Abigail Bellweather Freeform-0

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