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Adil is a character in Motherland: Fort Salem. He is portrayed by Tony Giroux.


Adil is a member of The Tarim. Khalida is his sister.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Adil comes to Fort Salem to seek the help and healing of the witches there for his sick sister, Khalida.

Adil seems disgusted with the military's actions and he seems resistant to help them at all, believing they are not using their powers for good. He and Abigail strike up a friendship, turned romance, but even Abigail can not convince Adil that they want to make a positive difference in the world. He reminds her that every time they use their powers to make tornados or wind or change the natural earth, they are creating a natural disaster in another part of the world.


Physical Appearance[]

Adil is of eurasian descent and has short brown hair.

Powers and abilities[]


Witch Physiology: As a witch, Adil is capable of affecting change by generating different sound frequencies with his voice. As a witch from the Tarim, he is very powerful.

  • Invisibility: Accompanied by an orange glow, Adil is able to become invisible at will through the use of a seed sound. He can make other people invisible with him, as he did with his sister when he traveled to Fort Salem and the first time he shows Abigail. In Irrevocable, he uses this ability again to sneak himself and Abigail into the Camrilla
  • Geokinesis: Adil used his unique songs to lower a wall of rock that was blocking him and the unit from the other Tarim in Witchbomb. In My 3 Dads, Adil manipulates the earth around Charvel in such a way as to raise her hand up through the dirt to retrieve some of her blood in a vial. In Irrevocable, he opens a hole in the wall large enough for him and Abigail to travel through.
  • Bodily Tracking: During a rescue mission in the Altai Mountains, Adil was able to locate where the Tarim were hiding. In Irrevocable, he offeres to use this work to help Abigail track down Charvel's vocal chords (and hopefully the people who took them). It requires a blood sample from the person (or owner of the body part) they are attempting to track. This is actually put to the test in Irrevocable, as Adil is shown to be able to create a "Blood Compass" out of a regular river rock; the compass has a round indentation in the middle (for where to put the blood), which is surrounded by a ring with runes carved at each cardinal and intermediate direction. After the blood is dripped into the center, Adil uses his unique Work, which creates of blood leading to the body in which the blood was taken from. If the body is split up several lines will appear, the thickness of each line depending on the amount of the person which is in each direction.
  • Strength Manipulation: In Irrevocable, Adil puts an incredible amount of strength - the strength of the earth - behind his punch to knock out the guy causing him and Abigail trouble in one punch.
  • Terrakinetic Measuring and Projection: Adil is capable of measuring intricate structures through the earth and projecting blueprints of them by sprinkling dust over a certain are, revealing structure projected in great detail, as shown in Irrevocable.
  • Pressure Manipulation: In Irrevocable, Adil crushes the body of a member of the Camarilla attempting to sneak up on Abigail, seeming to apply the pressure of the earth to his entire body, crunching his bones and flattening him.
  • Sinkhole Creation: At the end of Irrevocable, Adil completely collapses the Camarilla hideout by creating a large sinkhole under the building.


  • Bilingual: Adil speaks fluent Méníshè as well as fluent English.


All that weather that you fight with has a cost....Every war people starve.