Sergeant Anacostia Quartermaine is one of the main characters in Motherland: Fort Salem. She is portrayed by Demetria McKinney.

She is a tough, wryly, and at times humorous staff sergeant whose chief concern is keeping the young recruits alive through basic training.

History Edit

Anacostia's history before Fort Salem is currently unknown. She was a foundling, an orphaned witch child, that grew up at Fort Salem and has known General Alder since childhood.

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Season 1Edit

Anacostia is the Sergeant in charge of the new witches' well being and training. She is strict and demanding and expects nothing but the best from the new witches. In the first episode, she grows suspicious of Scylla and her intentions.

Anacostia frequently meets with General Alder to discuss problems with both the witches and with The Spree. They give each other advice on what to do. Alder told Anacostia she remembers when she was a child.

Anacostia continues to advise and train the cadets throughout the season. She keeps her eye on Scylla, knowing that she is a bad influence on Raelle. At Charvel Bellweather's wedding, Tally tells Anacostia that she thinks that Scylla is a part of The Spree.

Anacostia assures Tally that an investigation is under way about Scylla, who mysteriously goes missing after the attack. It is later shown that Anacostia and Alder have Scylla under their guard, in chains, where she is being interrogated about the attack.

During the Citydrop, she's forced, along with her recruits, to operate in a true combat situation: they're tasked to stop two trucks, directed to Boston, in which the Spree hided their weapons and other devices. The first truck is successfully stopped, but then Tally reveals to Anacostia how she sensed the presence of civilian hostages inside the second truck. Alarmed, the sergeant contact general Alder and informs her of the situation, but the latter replies to proceed anyway, forcing Anacostia to lie to Tally, saying her that she has been fooled by the enemy, and then they destroy also the second truck, killing the hostages.

The operation is a pyrrhic victory, because even though they managed to stop the Spree's attack, the explosion of the second truck killed, apart from the hostages, the cadet Libba Swythe, devastating both Anacostia and the other cadets.

Back in Fort Salem, General Alder tries to reassure Anacostia about how they did the right thing and how Libba died with honor. Anacostia respectfully leaves the general's office, but it's clear how she's far from persuaded that the deaths of Libba and the hostages were necessaries or honorable. Then, Anacostia is even more disappointed when, along with her equally disappointed recruits, watches on T.V. Alder communicating to the nation what happened but lying about the dynamics of the facts and claiming that the hostages were executed by the Spree. Alder's ruthlessness and lies may have just cost her the trust of one of her most faithful soldiers.

Anacostia's trust of Alder continues to fade when she catches Alder puppeteering the President's speech - making the President give Alder unlimited support and power, instead of announcing that she was being demoted. Anacostia finds out that Raelle, Tally, and Abigail had approached Petra Bellweather with the information that Alder let the Spree infiltrate Fort Salem via Scylla. Petra went to the President, which triggered the President's move to fire Alder. Anacostia warns the girls that if Alder finds out that they were the reason she was going to be fired, that they'd be in grave danger.

Anacostia meets with Scylla several times to try to get information from her and more importantly, to understand how someone gets to the point where they join The Spree. Scylla is able to show that she is not a monster, and that maybe there is a possibility that more people in The Spree aren't monsters. Anacostia starts to wonder.

She decides to free Scylla and tells her to "hold on to the part of you that's good". She gives her a lighter and tells her to make the escape look "good". Scylla knocks out Anacostia and disguises herself as Anacostia and walks out.

Later on, when Scylla goes escapes and goes directly to a Spree refuge house, Anacostia appears in the distance in her running clothes.

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Fostermother - General Sarah Alder

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Anacostia has curly black hair, that she often wears on top of her head in a bun. She is tall and has big brown eyes.

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Powers Edit

Witch Physiology: As a witch, Anacostia is capable of affecting change by generating different sound frequencies with her voice.

  • Nullification: Drill Sergeant Quartermaine and other higher-ranking witches used a high screeching seed sound to counteract the maelstrom that Abigail, Tally, and Raelle created when they performed The Seed of Reversal in one harmonics session.
  • Pain Induction: Sergeant Quartermaine quietly induced pain on Scylla in hopes the young witch would relent on negatively influencing Raelle.
  • Sleep Induction: After using Raelle against Scylla, Anacostia put her hand on Raelle's forehead to put her to sleep.
  • Windshear: This early-taught work is a site-specific, rapid conjuration, impact-absorbing shield made from the air around a witch. Anacostia taught this to the cadets at Fort Salem.
  • Windstrike: Propulsive bursts of air that can be used defensively and offensively. Anacostia taught this to to the cadets at Fort Salem.
  • Scrying: With the use of a reflective surface to project the images to, a witch can remotely see in places outside their typical field of vision. Anacostia taught this to the cadets at Fort Salem.
  • Levitation: By using Salva, Anacostia can levitate several feet off the ground and with practice could perform combat drops.
  • Telepathy: A type of advanced Linking, that allows the user to read and view the memories of others. Anacostia used this ability to enter Scylla's mind after using Raelle to lower her defenses. She later used this ability to communicate with Izadora while at Citydrop.

Equipment Edit

  • Scourge: At some point during her time at Fort Salem, Anacostia started using a scourge in battle when not using her powers.
  • Salva: During her time at Fort Salem, Anacostia started to use Salva to levitate in battle.

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Stop blowing it.

Anacostia to Raelle in Say the Words

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