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Blanton Silver is a recurring character in Motherland: Fort Salem. He is portrayed by Victor Webster.

He is vice president of the United States. When his daughter, Penelope Silver, is discovered to be a witch, Silver tries to adjust to her newfound identity.


Throughout the Series[]

Season 2[]

During a church service, Vice President Silver witnesses his daughter, Penelope, singing and her voice resonating with a stained-glass window behind her, causing the paint to melt away. He is then taken before the witches, who tell him that the work is passed along the matriline. They say that his wife must have lost touch with her history at some point and that some choose to hide from their duty, that she must have had some inkling she was one of them. He replies that unfortunately they can't ask her and they tell him that they won't know for sure until they test Penelope. If she is discovered to be a witch, the law of the land is that she must deliver herself to Fort Salem for training, no exceptions. He expresses his concern that she will become a target for the Camarilla, but they promise him that they take care of her own.

Later, Vice President Silver is present for his daughter's testing. He watches as Penelope first causes a vat of water to resonate using only her voice, then the water arcs into the air and twists into shapes. She is declared to be "of the blood."

Following a series of conflicts with the Camarilla, a particularly aggressive and powerful witchplague is released on the base. Abigail, Raelle, and Tally eventually to track it to its source and are horrified to learn that Penelope is patient zero. They find Penelope enveloped in the witchplague and followed by civilian reporters, walking aimlessly as the plague has affected her mind. The unit makes the gut-wrenching decision to kill her in order to kill the witchplague and prevent it from spreading further. They are successful but the entire ordeal is caught on camera.

The footage from the incident reaches out into the rest of the United States, emboldening anti-witch sentiment and fueling a massive outcry from the "Not Our Daughters" movement. While the unit mourns Penelope's death and deals with the trauma of killing her to prevent further outbreak, Blanton blames the general and the unit for the death of his daughter. He finds the unit and demands that Abigail, Raelle, and Tally be sent to Washington D.C. to stand trial for the murder of Penelope. Later on a private flight, a disheveled and grieving Blanton is rewatching footage from the interview and subsequent terrorist attack. The Camarilla leader Dr. Hearst was shown in the footage to have posed as a cameraman and infected Penelope with the witchplague.

Dr. Hearst comes into the room of the plane to watch the footage of him. He callously makes playful remarks on his "performance" despite the clear pain his co-conspirator is processing before thanking the vice president for his "sacrifice." Blanton grimly returns the banter, confirming that he knowingly orchestrated the attack on Fort Salem and the death of his own daughter. Hearst toasts the broken man for the success of the attack and to the next steps of their plans to commit witch genocide and have Silver replace President Wade as the head of the US government.


Penelope Silver[]

She had a close and loving relationship with Blanton, possibly in part to him being her only remaining parent following the loss of her mother. He attends church service and watches her sing and is very concerned for her when her powers as a witch first manifest. He expresses concern for her safety and that she may become a target.

He initially is shown to have some prejudice against witches and it took him a while to act like he has come to terms with his wife and daughter's witchhood. The depths of his hatred is ultimately revealed as he worked with The Camarilla to orchestrate the witchplague attack on Fort Salem. Amidst the success of the attack, Blanton becomes emotionally wrecked as he comes to terms with the fact that he killed his own daughter to further his genocidal hatred and political ambitions.

Sarah Alder[]

Vice President Silver is suspicious of General Sarah Alder. He feels that someone who is as old as her cannot have the interests of the common people in mind.

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"It's not every day you kill your own daughter."



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