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Brianna's Favorite Pencil is the fifth episode in Season 2 of the Freeform series, Motherland: Fort Salem. It aired on July 20, 2021.


The Unit competes for a chance to commune with the dead during Samhain. Scylla and Anacostia search for Camarilla leadership by attending a Halloween gala and make a horrifying discovery.







  • Dianne Adams, Dale Hunter, Gwenda Lorenzetti, Lanein Harrison, Soheila Vatandoost, Lynn Whyte, Lillian Lim as Biddies
  • Chelsea Gill as General Sharma
  • Briana Rayner as Captain Wadi
  • Albert Nicholas as Jonas Blackfoot
  • Ava Marchfelder as Tiffany
  • Lauren Acala as Brianna
  • Harman Aulakh as Indian Delegate #1
  • Wonser De-Gbon as Valda Esterbrook
  • Fatuma Namatovu as Liberian Soldier
  • Stephen Adekolu as Man (With Knife)
  • Camille Brereton as Woman (With Bloody Stomach)
  • Christine Amuge as Young Woman (Crawling and Bloodied)
  • Katelyn Reeves as Scared Bloody Woman (On Ground)
  • Sarah McInnes as Masked Woman (Assistant)


Jonas to Scylla Ramshorn: "What happened to you? You know, out of everyone, I thought you'd understand. You used to be a wild animal, now you're just... soft, ineffective, comfortable... weak."

Willa Collar to Scylla: "You're not weak. There are things worth dying for, and there are things worth living for. There's always a choice."

Abigail Bellweather: "I don't have time for games."
Tally Craven: "Earlier, you said the dead don't care. What if this way, we can find out?"

Scylla to Bonnie: "Find something to live for — something that's beautiful and real, like your daughter. Otherwise, hate is gonna eat you whole."

Charvel to Abigail Bellweather: "You are Abigail Bellweather, the last of our line. And you are vengeance."

Abigail to Tally: "Charvel set me straight. I need to get back to being me. I need to find the people who took her voice and get it back, and bathe in their blood... I added that last part."