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Bridey is a character in Motherland: Fort Salem. She is portrayed by Naiah Cummins.


While. in the Andes, Bridey, her unit, and two other units came down a pass that looked open. An enemy attacked them with an extreme amount of weather. Bridey windstruck a rocky ledge where it was coming from. The debris trapped one of her unit on the other side. The rest of the soldiers had to leave her behind and fought their way out. Bridey lost her eye on the way out and never got it healed due to the fact that she would never see life the same without her unit sister.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Bridey is a soldier in the U.S. army who has a very high reputation. Petra Bellweather assigns Bridey to be Abigail's bodyguard, on suspicion that The Spree are targeting Bellweathers.

Bridey seems to be quiet and pensive at first but it's clear that she is strong and doesn't want to put up with Abigail's whining.

She tells Abigail how she lost one eye and why it was never healed. She was in a fight and lost her sister. She felt she didn't deserve two eyes because her sister was lost because of her own fault, so she decided to keep the injury as a daily reminder.

After Raelle Collar steals salva, Abigail and Tally want to go find Raelle, but Bridey refuses. Abigail tells Bridey that she needs to save her "sister" and bring her home. Bridey brings Abigail and Tally to a beach in a jeep where they find Raelle lying in the sand.

Bridey, along with the Bellweather unit is part of the small strike team that General Alder assembles in order to rescue the remaining Tarim. After rescuing them, the group is attacked by the reemerged Camarilla. The two groups battle. Bridey stands by the helicopter and defends the Tarim. After escaping to the helicopters, Raelle is stabbed and Abigail tries to heal her which hinders the group. The Camarilla renew their assault causing Bridey to fly the helicopter away and leave the two witches behind.

Physical Appearance[]

Bride has an eye patch over one eye that she hurt in battle. Bridey also has short black hair.



  • It can be assumed that Bridey was fired from being Abigail's bodyguard due to disobeying orders.