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Byron is a character in Motherland: Fort Salem. He is portrayed by Bennett Taylor.


Byron is a male witch who was conscripted around the same time as Abigail, Raelle, and Tally. He was close friends with fellow cadet Porter.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Byron is one of the male witches who comes to Fort Salem for the Beltane ceremony. He seeks out Raelle, who pushes him away because she is not interested in men. He quickly reassures her that he is not interested in women and that he only seeks her friendship and hopes to pass the Beltane along with her since, for the night, is espected for boys and girls to pass it together through sexual intercourses, to which neither Byron nor Raelle are interested.

They start to chat and Byron explains that he looked for Raelle in the first place because she tried to heal one of his good friends, Porter, who had died suddenly. Byron explained how devastated and shocked he was at Porter's "suicide" and that he couldn't believe his friend would do something like that.

Based on Byron's words, Raelle begins to be suspicious about Scylla, since she was Porter's ex-girlfriend and was the last one to see him before his supposed suicide.

Along with the rest of the male witch cadets, Byron returns to Fort Salem to manufacture and modify weapons for the female witches. During a leisure period, he finds Raelle and attempts to cheer. He becomes concerned after seeing Raelle's finger that previously touched the mysterious fungus in the Necro lab. She attempts to brush it off as her finger getting caught in a door but Byron nonetheless encourages her to take care of herself.


Porter - close friend

Physical Appearance[]


"You can't sense my 'I'm not into girls' vibe?" (to Raelle upon meeting)

"I've been looking for the grumpiest girl in the room." (to Raelle, concerned)