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Avenue F

Citydrop is an evaluation that is the closest the army can get the recruits to combat. At Citydrop the recruits are being tested to see if the have what it takes to go to War College.

The recruits are on Citydrop for two days. They encounter trip mines or hostile Spree agents, who are trained officers of the Army. The hostile agents use the same techniques the Spree use and are instructed to not hold back. If the recruits have to be pulled out, War College is no longer an option and they are put on the list for early deployment.


  • First Op: The cadets need to clean their assigned street of all mines.
  • Second Op: Capture the Spree agents inside a high school.

Trip Mines[]

An explosive mine laid usually just below the surface of the ground.

Known Mines[]

  • Structure-borne sound plague: an impact on, or a vibration against a part of a object resulting in a sound plague being radiated from an adjacent vibrating surface. It was on a car at the Avenue of The Bellweather Unit.


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