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Clive Garland is a character in Motherland: Fort Salem. He is portrayed by Thomas Elms.


He is a young male American witch. He and Augustin were already friends by the time they arrive at Fort Salem during their first Beltane.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Clive is one of the male witches who arrive at Fort Salem to meet the female witches during Beltane. He is instantly attracted to Abigail Bellweather and he offers her mead at a meet and greet picnic. Later on, he and Abigail make out while Augustin watches.

During the Beltane festival, Clive has a threesome with Abigail and Augustin. Abigail takes the lead, instructing the two men to pleasure her and each other. After Beltane, Clive and Augustin wait together in vain for Abigail to see them off.

Along with the rest of the male witch cadets, Clive and Augustin return to Fort Salem to manufacture and modify weapons for the female witches for Citydrop. During a leisure period, they sit together in the lounge. The pair eagerly go up to Abigail when she walks into the room, attempting to console her over Charvel's passing and offering their services to her. Still recovering and in grief, Abigail thanks them but requests to be alone.

Clive and Augustin are in attendance during Libba's wake.


Physical Appearance[]

Clive is tall with fair skin and wavy brown hair.