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Fixers are witches who heal people and take the role of medics in combat. There are two known types of fixing-Christo-pagan, which is fixing that involves reciting verses from the Christian Bible and the American military "canon," where seed sounds or no vocalization is used.

Known Fixers[]



Healing: "Fixing" refers to a witch's ability to heal the injuries of others. By conceiving body functions like breathing as music, witches can become attuned to their target's life force, blood flow, organ function, cellular composition, among others.

  • Linking: Foundational work for fixing and an essential combat skill. At its basic manifestation, it allows witches to sync breaths and heartbeats.
    • Injury Transference: By reciting verses from the Bible along with the person she heals, like Raelle and her mother (Willa) are able to transfers injuries to themselves and lessen the burden of the victim.
      • Age Transference: General Alder maintains her youth using a variation of injury transference that she acquired from Native American/American Indian witches in exchange for the creation of the Chippewa Cession. Special young witches known as Biddies are selected to take on a certain number of decades of Alder's life and physically grow old as part of the process. When the Biddy passes away, her body returns to its actual age while the years and aging she has taken on return to Alder until a new candidate is found and linked to her.