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Fort Salem is the main base of operations of the United States' witch military. It also houses a military academy (covering both Basic training and War College) and their cadets' dormitories. It is situated near Salem Town, Massachusetts.


According to General Alder, the grounds on which Fort Salem is built possesses its own work via blessing that helps nourish both the work and the spirit of those witches who spend time there; General Alder encouraged Adil to go out onto the grounds to help him heal and recover from the trek out of the Tarim's territory with his sick sister, Khalida.


A witch's life begins at Fort Salem at a young age: orphans are taken in as fosterlings and are raised at the Fort, while others would come here for Basic training after answering the call on Conscription Day. Upon arrival on campus, witches are assigned into units of three, with their grades and progress determined by their performance as a group.

The students are expected to participate in Beltane per tradition. During this time, male witches arrive on campus and they socialize with and woo the students, culminating in Beltane.

During basic training, the cadets learn windstrike, windshear, how to use salva, scrying, etc.

After months of training, they perform an activity known as Citydrop where they are dropped onto a mock battlefield for two days. If they have to be removed, they are put on the list for early deployment.[1]

When they graduate basic training, units are either approved for War College or are immediately deployed, making them what has been dubbed by witches as "war meat." If approved for War College, they continue their training immediately with advanced studies on the grounds of Fort Salem.




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