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President Kelly Wade is a character in Motherland: Fort Salem. She is the 45th president of United States of America. She is portrayed by Sheryl Lee Ralph.


Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

The President pushes General Alder to make more progress in fighting The Spree. She is very direct and has no problem challenging Alder. She threatens to bring out "conventional forces" if Alder doesn't deliver a victory in the Ukraine. Alder feels that she is concerned only with re-election and that eliminating the Spree is incidental to her.

After learning that Alder withheld information from her and sent in untested cadets on a mission against The Spree, President Wade confronts Alder. She tells her it is time for her long due retirement and declares that there will be changes in the Army. She enacts a plan to install Petra Bellweather as the Army's new leader. Alder, however, enacts a working to manipulate President Wade, such that when she makes her speech with the intention of installing Bellweather, she instead grants Alder full authorization to employ military force at home and at a global level to take action against The Spree, unhindered and at her own discretion. Anacostia Quartermain reveals to Abigail Bellweather's unit that Alder puppeted the President, a working outlawed by the Hague.


Physical Appearance[]

She has short black hair.


You're saying if I chew on those at midnight on a full moon, then I'll start floating around the sky like one of you?

Kelly Wade to General Sarah Alder, My Witches

I'm speaking here as a friend. You need to give me something on those butchers, because sooner or later, there will be no place safe to be a person in America, much less the world, for that matter. What are we doing in a concrete way to find these people, to stop these people?

Kelly Wade to General Sarah Alder, My Witches

And you too are bound by rule of law to the will of the American people, who have elected me to represent their interests and protect them. Don't forget it, or you may find yourself reminded.

Kelly Wade to General Sarah Alder, My Witches

You have nerve, lecturing me about humanitarian consequences when you have sent untrained cadets into a live operation, resulting in the death of one of your own who I know did not complete basic training. Not to mention the civilian deaths.

Kelly Wade to General Sarah Alder, Coup

I've just learned that you've allowed your Fort Salem to be infiltrated by the Spree. That's how you found out about Baylord Auto, but that's not the point. The point is, you've kept me in the dark about all of this, not to mention compromising national security. Your days of leading our military are over.

Kelly Wade to General Sarah Alder, Coup


  • Ralph, who plays President Kelly Wade in the series, told ABC Audio that the show’s creator, Eliot Laurence, personally picked her to take on the role after they worked together on his other hit series, Claws. [1]