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"Pémé wèláyà réòrò lujè."[1] ("Our songs are not safe with you.")

Méníshè, also known as Mothertongue, is an ancient witch language. It has fallen out of day-to-day use to over the centuries.


Méníshè is a language spoken only by witches, passed down from generation to generation.

It's a register tone language with ejectives and a noun class system.

Méníshè uses Standard English Romanization. There are three tones represented in the romanization: high tone (represented by an acute accent, e.g. á); low tone (represented by a grave accent, e.g. à); and mid or neutral tone (represented by the vowel itself, e.g. a). The language has long vowels, represented by a doubled vowel, and when there is a tone change, the individual tone markers are used; for example, áà is a falling tone on a long vowel.[2]

Méníshè is taught at War College by Channing Grafton. It is said to be the root of all known languages. There is certain work which can only be done using Méníshè. Due apparently to her connection to the mycelium, Raelle Collar is able to speak Méníshè effortlessly.



  • This conlang is being developed by language creators David Peterson and Jessie Sams.[2][3] The decision to make it a register tone language, upon request by the showrunner, stemmed from the show's universe concept that the witches' work come from their voices.[3] An alphabet has also been created for the language.[4]
  • Mothertongue is said to be the first language and can be the root language from which other languages were based on. Mothertongue came about during the prehistory period of humans, with witches in this universe supposedly being the first to learn to speak, tying into the fact that their abilities are linguistic and voice-based.[5]

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