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Necros are witches who channel the power of death. They manipulate the magnetism and resonance of death. They can use the dead as spies and make bombs, which is very useful in war. Necros are thought to be "spooky," and so they are kept away from the general populace. They function as scientists in the military.

Known Necros[]


  • Death Manipulation: Necros are witches who manipulate the energies of life and death.
    • Death Current: Necro witches use a combination of seed sounds empowered by the energies of Beltane and a canary to open a death current where they can glean information known to a recently deceased individual.
    • Life/Death Force Conversion (Death Cap Generation): The ability to speed up the development of fungi like death cap mushrooms growing on a recently deceased creature.
    • Mycelium Communication: The necros are taught to communicate with a living death fungus located in the necro facility.