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No more lies. Who is Nicte Batan?

Tally to General Sarah Alder, "Not Our Daughters"

Sergeant Nicte Batan is a recurring character in Motherland: Fort Salem. She is portrayed by Arlen Aguayo.

She is initially introduced as an enigmatic figure from Alder’s past who helped shape her into who she is now.


Throughout the Series[]

Season 2[]

Tally, in the form of a nightmare, recalls one of Alder's memories with her old unit, including Nicte, in which they were ambushed in a jungle by a group who uses a seed to control massive, maggot-like creatures which they use to attack them. However, Nicte prepared a "surprise" for them, having anticipated the possibility of being overwhelmed by the enemy, and when the time came, she broke a bottle that somehow helped counter their enemies' tune.[1] In another vision, Tally saw Alder ask Nicte about what she did, and Nicte explained that it was her own Working. Alder pointed out that it definitely was not Canon, and Nicte replied that "Maybe it could be." Alder said that the Hague would not approve, but she was still grateful that she saved them. Sarah went on to say that she'd been watching her and complimented her rare abilities, pointing out that it was too wild however and that she needed to put it in service of her will, and the two agreed to work on it together.

A photograph showing a hidden image of Nicte

While observing an old photograph of General Alder and her old unit with Penelope Silver, Tally sees a shimmery image of a person on the left and says that a spell has been used on the photograph. She asks if Penelope can see the person in the photo, but she says she can't, making Tally realize that someone is trying to conceal the woman's existence.[2]

In Tally's next vision of Alder and Nicte's past, she saw a devastated Nicte watching people kill themselves with her own work that had been stolen by Alder. Alder tried to explain to her that it had been necessary, which Nicte did not believe since the target had already surrendered. She told Alder that her heart was black and stormed off.[3]

As Alder continues to lie about the Spree being responsible for attacks that were actually caused by the Camarilla, Tally grows tired of the situation. She storms into Alder's office and demands that Alder stop lying to her and tell her who Nicte Batan is.[4] Alder asks Tally just where it was that she heard about Nicte. Rather than answering directly, Tally replies that she knows Nicte served under Alder in Liberia and it messed her up. Alder lies that she wasn't in Liberia at the time, but Tally tells her that she can edit photographs and redact history books, but she knows she was there. Alder tells Tally that the situation was one of her greatest regrets and as the situation devolved into chaos, she thought it best to obscure her involvement. She continues that Nicte deserted, something that for her was an even deeper moment of personal failure. Tally says that she's hiding her to protect her personal pride and Alder counters that everyone is like that. She asks Tally what makes her think she's owed any answers. Tally replies that they are connected, asking why she's been seeing these memories. Alder replies that she'll have Izadora give her something to fully sever the connection between them.[5]


Physical Appearance[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Witch Physiology: As a witch, Nicte is capable of creating change in the physical world by generating different seed sounds with her voice.

  • Pushing - Pushing work allows witches to manipulate the actions of others. This is Nicte's specialty and she developed various off-canon work that has been used by both General Alder and The Spree to cause death.
    • Mass pushing - Pushing work can be contained within containers of air such as balloons. When the air is released, it compels everyone who hears it to carry out the orders in the work.
    • Lethal Hallucinations - Nicte can push powerfully compelling hallucinations in her victim, making the victim hallucinate being attacked when in reality they are hurting themselves. This hallucinogenic work can be paired with mass pushing technology to create The Spree's suicide bombs.
    • Emotional Manipulation - She can identify and amplify her target's emotions. This ability is woven into her hallucinogenic work. Outside of that, it can be used to amplify the judgments people have towards each other in hopes of causing infighting or separation.
    • Vespertilionine Pushing - Nicte can channel her pushing work through bats due to their ability to echolocate, which she affectionately refers to as her "choir." Channeling her work through a large swarm of bats takes up a lot of her concentration and energy, preventing her from using other work until she stops.
  • Linking - Foundational work for fixing and an essential combat skill that Nicte uses to transfer injuries from one witch to the ultimate victim. Links between witches are able to cross warding circles, allowing work to cross with them.
    • Sympathetic Attacks - Nicte and other Spree witches attempted to assassinate General Alder by using willing Spree participants as living voodoo dolls - inflicting lethal injuries and torture on the volunteer and using linking work to mirror the damage on Alder. Unlike the healing work used by Raelle where the injury leaves one body and manifests on another, the witch who initially receives the injuries in this working retains them.
  • Mirror Communication - One mode of communication The Spree employs involves sending messages from one mirror to another.



• Most likely has some form of youth or anti-aging Work that allows to appear the same as she was during the Liberia Martyrdom and lead the Spree for over twenty years.


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Behind the Scenes[]


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