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Of the Blood is the first episode in Season 2 of the Freeform series, Motherland: Fort Salem. It aired on June 22, 2021.


Despite the threat of the Camarilla, the discovery of new witches gives Alder hope. Tally struggles with her role as a Biddy, and Raelle and Abigail return to Fort Salem with their mysterious new abilities.


A young woman, Penelope Silver is singing the praises of God in church when her voice seems to resonate with the stained glass window behind her. To the surprise and shock of those attending the service, the paint in the window melts. As she continues to sing, Penelope realizes the crowd's panic and turns around, seeing what has happened. As she turns back, many of the church-goers are fleeing the room, but one man, her father, Blanton Silver, continues to stare in concern.

Blanton is brought before the witches, who ask him how his daughter is doing. He tells them that she's the picture of bravery and composure, as usual, but himself, not so much. He asks them to explain once more what they mean by the "matriline" and they tell him that the government tracks witch-hood along the maternal line, or the matriline, because while some men are born with the work, they don't pass it on genetically. His wife must have lost touch with her history, but had some inkling of the power within her. He expresses his concern that his daughter will become a target and they may not be able to keep her safe, but they tell him that they take care of their own.

Penelope is brought before a vat of water. There, she is told to let the sound fill her, to let shake her teeth and thicken her blood and then, when she is full, to sing. She does so and the water within the bowl shakes, then arcs into the air, twisting into shapes. The witches declare "This woman is of the blood. Goddess protect her." She is told that her call to service could come at any moment and when it does, she will know the words to say.

Meanwhile, Raelle and Abigail are discovered out in the field by another group of witches following the strange blast they emitted which downed the helicopter. They are placed in temporary custody, as the group's commander is concerned they might be Camarilla. They debate with each other whether to trust Alder with what happened, when the commander tells them that she's been ordered not to debrief them, saying that they must have been up to some really wild stuff. She sends them on their way.

They continue to debate whether or not to tell Alder what happened. Ultimately, at the briefing, they decide to cut to the chase, stating that the blast was them, that there is a force that protects them when they are theatened. Abigail asks to know more about the Camarilla and how they're connected to Charvel's death, but is ordered to stand down. She's told that for now, the best thing is to master this new power in order to fight the Camarilla.

Tally struggles with being a Biddy. She comes before Alder, looking very old and wrinkled. Alder tells her that her sacrifice can never be repaid and that she is grateful. She tells her that becoming a Biddy is something people usually have years to prepare for. Tally promises she can catch up. Alder offers her a chance to restore her life as it was, but Tally says that she made a choice to serve. Alder tells her it's only a offer, not an order, and that it could come with serious risks. Upon learning that Abigail and Raelle are both alive, she tells Alder that her answer is yes. She is restored to her youth and is delighted to share a reunion with Abigail and Raelle.

Elsewhere, the Spree and Scylla Ramshorn struggle with the new threat of the Camarilla and the fact that their mission is no longer simply about the Army, for the Camarilla make no distinctions and will destroy them all. She attends a rally where people express their anger at both the Army and the Spree. The attendees suggest that they don't want to fight against their own, fanning the flames of hatred.

Abigail, Raelle and Tally are visited by Anacostia Quartermain. She presents each of them with medals, which are engraved with their names and stating that they are each now attendees of War College as part of the Sekhmet Company. They cheer, and they she tells them that she is proud of them and that no cadets deserve this more. As they share a drink, she tells them that the best part is that they're now Alder's problem.

That evening, Abigail, Raelle and Tally are all asleep in the bunkers at Fort Salem when Tally has a nightmare, a vision of Alder's past brought on by her connection to her as a biddy. She is in a jungle with Alder and a squad. The people they are facing off against start vocalizing, summoning terrifying giant worms which attack them, swarming their bodies and stinging them. They scream, trying to fend them off, but the worms are relentless. The vocalizing stops and the people that summoned the worms then begin fighting amongst each other. Tally awakes, screaming in utter horror. Raelle and Abigail both wake up with a start and Raelle pleads for Tally to tell her what is wrong. She finally calms a bit and explains her nightmare. Raelle calms her, telling her it was only a dream and to go back to bed, but she is still jumpy and reluctant to return to sleep. She frantically brushes her arms against her shirt, then lifts her shirt, revealing a streaky set of large blisters across her chest. "Tell me those aren't real," she says to Raelle and Abigail, who stare in horror.






  • Dianne Adams, Dale Hunter, Gwenda Lorenzetti, Lanein Harrison, Soheila Vatandoost, Lynn Whyte, Lillian Lim as Biddies
  • Jackin Gunn as Scylla (Disguised)
  • Sabrina Prada as Willa (Disguised)
  • Chris Cope as News Reporter
  • Adam Kirschner as Speaker (Vigil)
  • Linda Ko as General Clary
  • Patti Kim as Lieutenant (Tarim Outpost)
  • Vanessa Walsh as US Ranger
  • Dalia Ananga as Spree Agent
  • Moon Hee Suk as Korean Agent
  • Rose Marel as Hostess (Restaurant)
  • Gig Morton as Karl
  • Lauren Jackson as Mom (Church)
  • Linden McMillan as Young Girl (Church)
  • Amanda Sullo as Aide (General Alder)
  • Taylor Bly as Biddy #3 (New Young Version)
  • Noah Tan as Tarim Boy
  • Yayoi Hirano as Flashback Biddy #1
  • Denise McLaren as Flashback Biddy #2
  • Peri Allan as Flashback Biddy #3
  • Cheryl Swan as Flashback Biddy #4


Lieutenant to Abigail and Raelle: You two must have been up to some really wild stuff because I've been ordered not to debrief you. Off you go. Goddess help you.

Silver: So you're asking me to give you my daughter, and my daughter's daughters, in perpetuity.

Anacostia: As our kind have done for centuries, to keep this country safe.

Tally: I thought you were dead.

Abigail: We thought you were old

Tally: That explosion, it was you two, right? How did you do that?

Abigail: We don't know exactly but it was definitely us.