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Porter Tippet is a character in Motherland: Fort Salem. He was portrayed by David Lennon.


Porter and Scylla knew each other from childhood, as both were born into families of Dodgers, or witches who evaded compulsory military service. As they grew up, they became romantically involved, but broke up in advance of when they saw each other again at Fort Salem.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

In A Biddy's Life, Porter comes to Fort Salem along with the the other male witches. He recognizes Scylla and sees her with Raelle. After a confrontation during a lacrosse game between the female and male cadets, Porter tries to warn Raelle to be wary about Scylla.

Scylla confronts Porter and she kisses him, then whispers "I'm filled with an unbearable sadness" into his ear. Porter seems to go into a trance and later flings himself out of a window, falling to his death. Raelle sees his bloody body and she tries to save him but is unsuccessful.

In Hail Beltane, Sarah Alder instructs Izadora and her Necros to 'speak' with Porter via a death current that reanimates his corpse to gain insight into the events that led to his death. It is revealed that The Spree interfered the process, ensuring Scylla's secret would stay hidden.


Physical Appearance[]

Porter is tall, with bright blue eyes and blonde hair.


You're a lot better at this than you are at picking girlfriends.

Porter to Raelle Collar, A Biddy's Life

I got tired of running, so when the call came, I said the words. Seemed like the right thing to do.

Porter to Scylla Ramshorn, A Biddy's Life

You may have the Army fooled, but I know who you are, remember?

Porter to Scylla Ramshorn, A Biddy's Life

I never got the chance to tell you how sorry I was [about her parents]. They were good people. But that's what happens when your girlfriend just disappears. You don't get to tell her all the things you wanted to say.

Porter to Scylla Ramshorn, A Biddy's Life

I want the truth. Because the things you used to say, the things you did, that person doesn't end up in the Army. That's the kind of person who ends up filling a balloon with hate.

Porter to Scylla Ramshorn, A Biddy's Life