Raelle is one of the main characters in Motherland: Fort Salem. She is portrayed by Taylor Hickson.

She is a reluctant recruit with major authority issues whose mother recently died in the line of duty.

History Edit

Raelle arrives at Fort Salem with a chip on her her shoulder. She's from a part of witch society that is a little unusual, in that her mother, a military witch, married outside the military. As a result of marrying a civilian man, Raelle's mother was punished. The military maintains an interest in creating and maintaining powerful bloodlines and uniting them to create super-soldiers. Raelle's mother's pension was affected because of her decision. The army kept her deployed almost constantly, and Raelle feels like they kind of worked her to death. She died in a firefight during the war on The Spree, under Petra Bellweather's, Abigail Bellweather's mother, leadership.

Since her mom died about a year before what we see in the pilot, Raelle’s still carrying that raw grief inside her. And she has a huge chip on her shoulder about witchhood in general. She’s also from a weird part of the country, in terms of witch-hood. She lives in The Cession, which is a kind of massive unified Native American reservation that borders the Mississippi. She grew up as an outsider and she carries this edge with her.

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Season 1Edit

Raelle is a Private, First Class cadet at Fort Salem. She is in a unit with Tally Craven and Abigail Bellweather. She reluctantly went to the army, frustrated about how her mother had died. She blames the U.S. army for her mother's death.

At Fort Salem, Raelle frequently butts heads with Abigail. Raelle is a talented witch, specifically with healing, but she also does not try as hard as some of the other witches and her Sergeant in particular notices.

Raelle and Scylla met at Fort Salem. They instantly form a bond and connection and they kiss. They start dating and Raelle questions Scylla's past because she does not offer any information about herself or her family.

Raelle starts to wonder more about Scylla's past when her ex, Porter, comes to Fort Salem and mysteriously ends up dead. Porter had previously warned Raelle to watch out about Scylla.

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Raelle is a short girl with short, wavy blonde hair. She has bright blue eyes.

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Witch physiology: As a witch, Raelle is capable of affecting change by generating different sound frequencies with her voice. While she is skilled in healing, Raelle has shown incredible power in other fields of her craft.

  • Healing: by reciting a chant along with the person she heals, Raelle is able to transfers injuries to herself and lessen the burden of the victim. She presumably learned this skill from her mother
  • Levitation: by using Salva, Raelle can levitate several feet of the ground and with practice could perform combat drops.
  • Storm generation: in a fit of uncontrollable emotion along with Abigail they were able to unintentionally brew a small lightning storm that shook the whole training room.

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If you want someone who blindly follows orders, then you might as well send me back home.


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  • Raelle's mom died in combat, "under the orders of somebody else".
  • Raelle's family lived in the Cession, "before the cession became the cession."

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