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Raelle Collar is one of the main characters in Motherland: Fort Salem. She is portrayed by Taylor Hickson.

She is a reluctant recruit with major authority issues who learns and grows with her unit in basic training at Fort Salem.


Raelle's family lives in Chippewa Cession, located near Carolina. She grew up as an outsider and she carries this edge with her. She's from a part of witch society that is a little unusual, in that her mother, a military witch, married outside the military. As a result of marrying a civilian man, Raelle's mother was punished. The military maintains an interest in creating and maintaining powerful bloodlines and uniting them to create super-soldiers. Raelle's mother's pension was affected because of her decision. The army kept her deployed almost constantly and Raelle feels like they kind of worked her to death. She allegedly died in a firefight during the war on the Spree, under Petra Bellweather's, Abigail Bellweather's mother, leadership.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Raelle walks home due to her half day and meets a woman who pays her to heal her wound. A few minutes before the call, her father gives her a combat charm that has been passed down through the generations. When the call comes, Raelle reluctantly says the oath and receives her medal.

Raelle becomes Private, First Class cadet at Fort Salem. She is in a unit with Tally Craven and Abigail Bellweather.

At Fort Salem, Raelle frequently butts heads with Abigail. Raelle wants to barely make it through basic and die on the battlefield and as a result, doesn't try as hard as the other cadets. Her drill sergeant - Anacostia Quartermain notices and advises Raelle to follow Abigail to War College.

After ditching training, Raelle meets Scylla, a necro witch. They instantly form a bond and they have sex, with Scylla advising Raelle to let the army make her powerful.

The unit does exceptionally well during a harmonics exercise and Raelle and Abigail promise to do well but not be friends. Raelle later confides with Tally about her mother's death.

Raelle is late for training due to being in bed with Scylla and is put on guard duty. While doing guard duty, Raelle meets Lt. Helen Graves, another necro. Helen tells her about Scylla's rumored past and ask her to give Scylla a chance.

Raelle is tired during training and as punishment, Anacostia has Abigail perform a taxing discord seed. Raelle offers to heal her, but Abigail shirks it off. The unit performs the best windstrike and are sent to the pageant in Salem Town as a reward. Raelle follows Abigail when she ditches the pageant. In a restaurant, the two agree to stay away from each other's issues. They sit down and get along. When Scylla arrives, Raelle leaves with her and Scylla shows her a death cap.

After the pageant, the unit, along with Glory Moffett and Libba Swythe drink alcohol and laugh together. Tally tells the others that she loves them and that they're her "witches." The cadets agree and party together.

Raelle starts to wonder more about Scylla's past when her ex, Porter, comes to Fort Salem. Porter warns Raelle to watch out for Scylla. Raelle continues to ask Scylla about Porter and about her history, which Scylla avoids until eventually telling Raelle about her past calm her fears. When Porter jumps off a building, Raelle attempts to heal him but faints in the process.

When Raelle awakens, Anacostia calls her reckless and says that she's proud of her. Throughout the day, Raelle receives visions of Porter before his suicide. During Beltane, she confronts Scylla about seeing Porter before he died, but she tells her to stop asking question. During the reel, Raelle is paired with a boy named Byron. The two lay in the grass and connect while everyone else has sex. Byron tells Raelle that when you love someone you have to fight for them. She takes his advice and reconnects with Scylla.

As the males leave Fort Salem, Byron gives Raelle the codices and Witchfather gives Raelle Porter's scourge. Raelle shows her skill in training by slicing off a dummy's head.

Raelle and Scylla's relationship seems to be going to the next level. They spend a lot of time together and Scylla crashes Charvel Bellweather's wedding to be with Raelle and to continue recruiting her.

Raelle confronts Petra Bellweather about her mother's death. Petra responds that Willa was brave and essential to every mission. She hugs Raelle and tells her her mom would've been proud. Teary eyed, Raelle runs off.

When Scylla receives orders to bring Raelle, but isn't guaranteed her safety, she remains at the wedding with Raelle instead of following her orders and delivering Raelle to the Spree. Raelle, not knowing about Scylla's involvement with the Spree, is lost and confused when Scylla is gone after the attack.

Raelle goes on a hunt for Scylla, desperate to find any information leading to her whereabouts. After sneaking into the necro facility, she touches a wall of mycelium and gets some of it stuck on her finger. Izadora tells her that Scylla is dead and Raelle refuses to believe her. She steals Tally and Abigail's salva to float to the beach with the lighthouse Scylla spoke of visiting with her. She is found laying in the water by Abigail and Tally after crash landing.

During Linking training, Izadora pairs Raelle with Beth Treefine who calls her a "salva freak." Beth insults Raelle's Christo-pagan work and it's failure to save Porter. Raelle angrily recites one of her prayers and the entire class falls asleep. Izadora tells Raelle that her emotions make her powerful and dangerous and she needs to lean on the army for support.

Raelle is asked by Abigail to help save her new friend Adil's sister—Khalida. In the woods of Fort Salem, Raelle uses her fixing work to heal her. Afterwards, she notices that the mycelium on her finger is gone. She gets worried because she always takes some of the illness on her. Abigail calms her by telling her that it is because she is getting stronger.

Raelle gets taken to where Scylla is locked up to make Scylla vulnerable, and allowing Anacostia to Link with her. During their reunion, Raelle questions why Scylla was locked up and being tortured. Scylla begs Raelle not to believe the things people will say about her and that she loves her. The reunion is ended when two soldiers pull Raelle and Scylla apart before Raelle is put to sleep by Anaconstia. Raelle is taken back to her room where she wakes up in a panic and tells her unit what happened. Abigail and Tally both insist she was having a nightmare with Abigail stating every nightmare she had after the wedding attack felt real. In Raelle's fit, she gets sick and throws up into a bucket. Tally recognizes Raelle's sickness was a result of waking up too fast from having been put to sleep. Quartermaine then walks in, calling for the start of Citydrop. Quartermaine sees Raelle on the floor over and tells her to pull herself together.

Raelle and the unit are on a bat getting ready to drop down into the location for Citydrop with Libba Swythe's unit. After landing, Tally breaks her leg and Raelle attempts to heal her. She glimpses Tally looking at Scylla talking to a balloon in a mirror and informing Anacostia about it. Raelle screams at Tally that she trusted her and that she was just telling lies to Anacostia, but Tally tries to defend her choices. Abigail runs over to them and demands that they focus.

Anacostia announces that their training evaluation begins now. They have operatives acting and fighting as if they were real Spree, in order to train the girls to plan to fight against the Spree in the future. They're given their first mission and the units break off to perform the mission as teams. Raelle confronts Tally again, saying that Scylla never had bad intentions, and Tally claimed she was only trying to protect Raelle. Raelle pushes her into the car and al alarm goes off, giving the girls blisters all over their faces. Abigail gets furious after learning that Scylla is Spree and was brought to Charvel's wedding, but Raelle defends Scylla.  

Raelle leaves to go find Anacostia and runs into Helen Graves and greets her as if she knows her, but Graves claims she has no idea who Raelle is. She demands that Raelle go back to where she is stationed. 

The girls receive their second mission - to go find the fake Spree operatives in an abandoned high school and to bring them back alive. The girls fan out to scan the property. Raelle sees Tally getting attacked and saves her. Anacostia calls Raelle over to describe the person she thought was Lt. Graves. They ask Raelle what she talked about with this person and Raelle says mostly Scylla and that the Graves she met encouraged her to be in a relationship with Scylla. Raelle says to Anacostia, "Please tell me it isn't true. She told me she loved me." Anacostia responds that Scylla only told her what she wanted to hear.

Anacostia tells the cadets that they are going into a real combat situation against the Spree. They fly out in the direction of the Spree. They line up to stop the trucks and blow one of them off the road with a unified windstrike. Raelle goes to the field to make sure no one escapes and sees Scylla, or someone pretending to be Scylla, and Raelle fights her. Raelle says, "Everything about you is a lie." Raelle strikes her and her body transforms back into Scylla's Spree recruiter. Raelle runs back to the group and they perform a unified windshear to destroy the second truck, unaware that there were civilian hostages inside.

The unit talks about how Alder lied, but Abigail says that's just part of being a soldier - there are casualties. Tally rejects that excuse. Tally, Abigail, and Raelle tell General Bellweather about Alder's lies and about how the Spree infiltrated Fort Salem, via Scylla. She is shocked but dismisses them.

Anacostia grabs Raelle and suggests that she take the opportunity to say goodbye to Scylla. Raelle says "she's dead to me" and walks away. Abigail tells her to reconsider because if she had one more chance to say goodbye to Charvel or even Libba she would.

She tells Scylla she loved her and Scylla said she still loves her. Scylla explained how it started with Raelle as her mark but that she fell for her for real. She tells her that all of it was real. Raelle asks her why she picked her and Scylla said she didn't call the shots. Scylla told her she has no idea how powerful she really is.

Scylla tells Raelle "I chose you!" She chose her instead of the Spree because she had orders to deliver you but she didn't. Raelle walked away with Scylla in tears, screaming.

Raelle cries next to a tree and Anacostia comforts her, telling her Scylla loved her and that part was real. Raelle admits that she messed up- she told Petra that Scylla was being held on base. Anacostia realizes that Petra told this information to President Wade, and they run to go find Raelle's unit. Anacostia tells the unit that Alder puppeteered the speech and that Alder might trace the decision making back to them. If she does, they're all in grave danger.

Raelle, Abigail, and Tally complete basic training and attend their graduation. They are elated and go to wait for their assignments. Expecting War College, they are all disappointed and saddened to see that they were assigned into combat to be deployed immediately. General Alder personally blocked their War College acceptance because she wanted them to accompany her on a rescue mission for the Tarim.

Raelle meets her father after graduation and tells her she is deploying today. He gives her a letter from her mother. She asks him why the combat charm didn't work for her mom and he reveals that she never brought it. She tells him she loves him and that she'll call him when she gets back from China.

Anacostia tells Raelle and Tally that Abigail won't be joining them and they are devastated. She tells them that they need to be smart and to come back. Raelle asks Anacostia to take it easy on Scylla when she goes to prison.

When boarding, the plane, Abigail appears behind them and they embrace. On the flight, Raelle opens her mother's letter and traces a sigil to see her. The visions tells Raelle that she is powerful and will always be with her.

After landing in the mountains, the group camp on the ground. The unit confronts Alder on her actions but she tells them that she owes them nothing and that she never regrets her decisions.

They find the Tarim hiding in a cave. A little boy is suffering from the same disease that Khalida suffered from. His body is covered in winding black veins. Raelle is able to heal him.

The group leaves the cave only to realize that they are surrounded by the Camarilla. Raelle covers the little boy's eyes as the Camarilla burn the pilots alive. The witches engage the Camarilla in battle. Raelle windsrikes an approaching Camarilla and later kills another with her scourge after he stabs a biddy. The group runs to the helicopter to escape but the little boy runs out, afraid of the helicopter. Raelle goes to comfort him and to help him back into the helicopter. A Camarilla member stabs her from behind as she runs back. Abigail runs out to try to save Raelle and links herself to her, but unfortunately this is both of their demise as they are stuck on the ground slowly dying. Alder has to make the decision to leave them to save the others, so Raelle and Abigail are left for dead.

As the helicopter leaves, Abigail tells Raelle she loves her and an explosion of black energy bursts from their hands and kills the approaching Camarilla. Raelle and Abigail walk in the area together, seemingly fine. They are surrounded by light and floating fungal spores, leaving growing trail of mushrooms and fungi wherever they walk. They both appear confused and walk holding hands.


Physical Appearance[]

Raelle is a short girl with short, wavy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a heart-shaped face, and pale white skin. She is the shortest of the girls in her unit and has a slim, lean build. She tends to wear her hair loose on the left side and twisted back in cornrow-style braids on the right side. She is mostly seen wearing her military dress uniform, her combat gear, or her military-issue training clothing, which is typically a pair of dark pants and a tan shirt that she cut the sleeves off of to make it a tank top. By her own statement, her mark is located near her vagina, though whether she was being truthful or facetious remains a mystery.

Powers and Abilities[]


Witch Physiology: As a witch, Raelle is capable of creating change by generating different seed sounds with her voice. She is skilled in healing and has seemingly taken the role of Fixer in her unit. Despite having a civilian for a father, Raelle is shown to be more powerful than many of the other cadets at Fort Salem, due in part to the unconventional work taught to her by her mother, Willa Collar, before her death. Along with Abigail and Tally, she is one of the most powerful cadets in her year.

  • Healing and Linking: As a Fixer, Raelle specializes in healing other people. By reciting verses from the Bible along with the person she heals, Raelle is able to transfer injuries to herself and lessen the burden of the victim. She learned this unique Work from her mother. When Raelle tries pulling injuries from dead or dying people, she can experience visions of that person's final moments and also feel their emotions at the time; her power has recently advanced to where she can see the memories of generally healthy people as well, as seen when she views Tally's memories while trying to heal her injured leg, discovering Scylla’s involvement in the Spree. Raelle’s powers have grown to where she curesKhalida of her illness, something that proved so dangerous not even Colonel Wick (the best Fixer in the country) could alleviate. She achieves this feat without contracting the hazardous illness, which shows the growth of her powers. While healing Tally's broken leg, Raelle once again did not suffer any negative side effects, seemingly supporting Abigail's theory that Raelle's powers are getting stronger. In Breanna's Favorite Pencil, Raelle fixes Gregorio, who is hit in the chest with a dousing arrow when protecting the hearth on Samhain. In Delusional, Raelle attempts to fix her dad after her mother windstrikes her dad and kills him in a delusion created by Nicte.
  • Pyrokinesis: During the remembrance ceremony, Raelle causes the candle's fire to burst into the air while talking about her mother.
  • Sigil Manipulation: By tracing the sigil her mother left in the bottom corner of her letter, Raelle was able to experience her mother’s thoughts and feelings while writing the letter.
  • Levitation: By using Salva, Raelle can levitate several feet off the ground and with practice could perform combat drops. She was first introduced to Salva by Scylla after training. The two were caught by Anacostia, but this memory stayed with Raelle for a while after. During Citydrop, and their first real mission, she was shown to be a very competent user of Salva, landing in the grass during both jumps without causing herself an injury.
  • Storm Generation: In a fit of uncontrollable emotion (along with Abigail, with whom she was fighting), they were able to unintentionally brew a small lightning storm that shakes the whole training room. However, Raelle has yet to intentionally create a storm.
  • Maelstrom Generation: By performing the seed of reversal with Tally and Abigail, the trio were able to conjure a massive maelstrom in a vocal session.
  • Windshear: First "song" taught to the girls of Fort Salem; a “site-specific rapid conjuration impact-absorbing shield, made by layering two complicated seed sounds sub-vocally.” Raelle and the rest of the witches in basic training use this ability during their mission against the Spree in Boston, creating so much pressure that the first truck driven by a member of the Spree's leadership collides with it and is caused to flip over and roll into the nearby field.
  • Windstrike: Second “song” taught to the girls of Fort Salem; a propulsive burst of air. Together with Abigail and Tally, the group is able to exert over 1600 lbs of pressure per square foot, shown when they blast a hole through solid metal. She later windstrikes a member of the Camarilla, in Witchbomb, causing him to fly a long distance away. In My 3 Dads, Raelle sneaks up on and windstrikes the mirror off of the van driven by a few witches of Fort Salem sent to monitor her, calling it a "warning."
  • Sleep Induction: While angrily reciting one of her prayers during a linking exercise, Raelle manages to accidentally incapacitate every other cadet, albeit temporarily. Due to not learning this properly, she fails to sleep Izadora, a more powerful witch. During Citydrop, she is able to consciously use this power to knock out an officer with one of her verses.
  • Telepathy: Dubbed "Farspeech" by the witches at Fort Salem. Used by the unit to communicate and recieve orders from General Alder in Not Our Daughters.
  • Fungi Manipulation/Transmutation (Witchbomb): When looking for Scylla, Raelle makes contact with Mother Mycelium: a sentient mushroom wall. This leaves her with a living necrotic fungus on her finger which intertwines with her DNA. Later, during the Tarim mission in China, Raelle is stabbed and lay dying. Abigail attempts to link with her, but is dragged into death herself. Just before the two die, the Mycelium resurrects Raelle and Abigail with a "witchbomb" that kills the attacking Camarilla, transmuting them and the environment around them into fungi. After recovering, Abby and Raelle return home from China and find out that this strange power is coming from the Mycelium, who personally chose Raelle to form a symbiosis with. She is also discovered to have colonized Raelle's larynx in Tiffany when the Mycelium shows her the note that She wants Raelle to sing to Her, altering multiple structures in her voice box and vocal chords. The same seed that Scylla uses to grow a death cap is used by Raelle to manipulate the Mycelium - revealed to be “composed of thousands of layered voices, one on top of the other.” General Alder mentions that she has never heard anything so complex, or beautiful. Because of this connection, Raelle has been augmented and given new powers; this includes being able to effortlessly speak Mothertongue. With control, Raelle is able to break down inorganic matter with focused blasts of gathered spores, once in the underground Necro room and again, on a much larger scale, during her weapons test. This blast destroys multiple solid surrounding structures, leaving luminous purple fungi in the wake of the rubble and the surrounding area. On a separate occasion, when put in a life-or-death situation by Izadora, Raelle spawns a membrane-like cocoon around her body to protect herself. In Breanna's Favorite Pencil, Raelle uses these lethal spores to hold off The Lost Unit. In Irrevocable, the spores released from Raelle when she is killed by the surgical team stream into them, killing them instantly and leaving those signiture glowing purple mushrooms behind. However, as if reacting to Raelle's will, the spores released left a group of young witches abducted by the Camarilla unharmed. Most witches die within seconds of exposure to the Witch Plague, however the Mycelium fights it and keeps Raelle alive long enough for her mother to save her.
    • Méníshè: As part of her connection to Mother Mycelium, Raelle has gained the ability to understand and speak Méníshè, or Mothertongue, effortlessly despite having only barely studied the language. She uses this newfound gift to effortlessly defend herself to The Imperitrix in Tiffany.
    • Mediumship: The coven is told by M after handing out candles to "Find a dark place. Alone. And light your candle. Say the name of the witch you want to speak with. As the wax melts, your messenger will be freed and will bring forth your requested dead." They have until the candle burns out to speak to the spirit.
    • Resurrection: Noted to be triggered by death. Raelle's first death and resurrection take place in Witchbomb when she is stabbed throught the heart by a member of the Camarilla in China. In Irrevocable, she dies and is resurrected twice: once after Alban Hearst has a surgical team attempt to remove her vocal chords and again when he has her pressed to death with a giant weight. When her heart stops, spores are released out of her mouth, nose, and skin. Each time she dies and is resurrected by the Mycelium, Raelle has what the Mycelium calls a "Death Dream" where she appears in a myriad of Mycelium and is able to both touch and communicate with Her.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a soldier, Raelle is in top physical condition.
  • Bilingual: Raelle is capable of speaking fluent English and after learning more about the mycelium she is capable of speaking and understanding mother tongue.
  • Expert Combatant: During her training in Fort Salem, Raelle becomes skilled in hand to hand combat. She fights against a high-ranking Spree member and eventually defeats her.
    • Skilled Scourge Wielder: During her first time using a scourge, Raelle shows her skill to the other cadets by slicing a dummy in half. She later uses this against Amina Straw, and is able to slash at her and eventually knock out/kill her. She later kills a member of the Camarilla after he slashes a biddy.


  • Combat Charm: A charm that is supposed to keep the wearer safe in battle that has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations in the Collar family. Raelle later gave the charm to a Tarim boy to keep him safe.
  • Scourge: During her time at Fort Salem, Raelle has started using a scourge in battle when not using her powers. Her scourge was made by Porter and was given to her as a gift from the Witchfather, who believed Porter would have wanted her to have it as a thank-you gift for attempting to save his life after his fall.
  • Salva: During her time at Fort Salem, Raelle has trained to use salva to practice combat drops.
  • Scry: During basic training, Raelle started to use a scry to try to find things, but shows no talent in scrying.


"If you want someone who blindly follows orders, then you might as well send me back home."


"An insolent child who has more power than you could ever imagine, you mothballed old sea hag."

Raelle addressing the Imperatrix in Méníshè

"I'm in this with you, and we're gonna figure it out together, okay? Whoever you are, whoever you were, I'm in. No matter what happens, no matter what anybody else thinks, I'm with you."

Raelle reassuring Scylla.


  • Raelle learned to play lacrosse in the Cession.
  • Raelle's family lived in the Cession, "before the cession became the cession."
  • Raelle can Sing and Play the Guitar


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