General Sarah Alder is a main character in Motherland: Fort Salem. She is portrayed by Lyne Renee.

History Edit

Growing up, Alder's family was hunted by witch-hating groups such as the Church and the Camarilla. Many of her friends and family were killed during the persecution of witches. After coming to the New World and Salem Town, she was discovered as a witch and sentenced to death by hanging. After witnessing the death of her sister, the trauma resulted in Sarah using her last moments to release an ancient song that made a powerful storm going against centuries of tradition. This song was meant to be kept secret and the release of the vocalizations created weather work. Villagers, seeing the impact of the song recognized the potential uses for her gifts.

Alder signed the Salem Accord first with the Massachusetts Bay Militia and later it was drafted into the Constitution of the United States. This document spared witches from persecution but conscripted them and future generations as a military force. This agreement is binding in both legal and magical ways.

In the present day, Alder is the head of the witches' training at Fort Salem.

In addition to her duties as General and overseeing Fort Salem, Sarah has a soft spot for the fosterlings, orphaned witch children, that live on base.

Alder is well over 300 years old. She is kept alive and in fighting condition through the use of powerful work and her relationship with the biddies. The biddies sacrifice their youth to "carry" some of Alder's years. The position of a Biddy is considered honorable and a sacrifice that is exalted among the witches. They accompany Alder everywhere.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1Edit

Alder welcomes the girls to Fort Salem and warns them about what lies ahead. She meets with President Wade and her war council to decide what to do about The Spree. She plans many attacks against them, but unfortunately, none are very successful, and The Spree keeps attacking the witch soldiers. Alder grows frustrated with the minimal improvements.

When meeting with the Hague, an international tribunal where the standards of war are established and discussed, General Alder becomes aware of the Tarim, a sect of witches that come from a very contested part of the world. The Tarim does not want any part in the fighting or militarization. They possess magical technology, songs, and sacred sounds that have not been heard from generations. Alder recognizes the songs.

At Beltane, Alder welcomes to the male recruits arriving for this longtime honored tradition. There, she connects and has sex with Witch Father.

Alder continues to have several meetings with her generals about how and when to strike against The Spree. They seem to be losing ground, but finally, get some intel about where the Spree headquarters are located. Alder commands a unit to attack the headquarters, but they burn to the ground and Alder asks the cadets to intercept The Spree heading towards Boston. There, the cadets win the confrontation but have to kill civilian hostages in the process, on Alder's orders.

Alder openly lies to the public on television about what really went down on the attack, where one cadet died, to protect the image of the army. She starts to lose the trust of her confidantes, including Anacostia Quartermaine.

President Wade gained information about Alder's recent cover-ups and decided to relieve Alder of her duties, preparing to appoint Petra Bellweather as the new general. Alder retaliated by puppeting President Wade during the announcement, making the elected official announce increased power and discretion for Alder rather than the change.

Alder blocks Abigail, Raelle, and Tally's War College acceptance after their basic training graduation because she has different plans for them - a rescue mission to help the Tarim. The group deploys together but the girls accuse Alder of many wrongdoings and remand answers. Alder says she doesn't owe them any answers but for the sake of trust she will explain herself. She explains how she has had to make many hard decisions over the years and that every decision hurts, but it is for the better good of their people.

On the mission, the group gets attacked by The Camaria. Two of Alder's biddies get hurt, which causes Alder to weaken. Tally offers to be one of her biddies to give her the strength she needs, so Alder accepts and gets her strength back.

The group runs to escape via helicopter. Raelle gets hurt and Abigail tries to save her. Alder must make the decision to leave them behind for the greater good of their group.

Relationships Edit

  • Anacostia Quartermaine - Sara has a close mentorship with Anacostia since Anacostia grew up on Fort Salem as a fosterling. This relationship continues to present day as Anacostia trains new recruits at Fort Salem and reports back to General Alder.
  • Witch Father - sexual relationship

Physical Appearance Edit

Sarah is tall with long, straight dark brown hair often worn in a braid.

Despite appearing middle-aged she is well over 300.

Powers And Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

Witch Physiology: As a witch, Alder is capable of affecting change by generating different sound frequencies with her voice.

  • Age Transference: General Alder maintains her youth using a variation of injury transference that she acquired from Native American/American Indian witches in exchange for the creation of the Chippewa Cession. Special young witches known as Biddies are selected to take on a certain number of decades of Alder's life and physically grow old as part of the process. When the Biddy passes away, her body returns to its actual age while the years and aging she has taken on return to Alder until a new candidate is found and linked to her. As a consequence of the work, she no longer needs to eat and simply lets the Biddies take on her hunger and fatigue.
  • Puppeting: With the collective efforts of her and the Biddies, she controlled President Wade's actions and made the president grant Alder more power and discretion in fighting the Spree.
  • Pain Induction: A witch can quietly cause powerful pain and discomfort on a target. Alder used this ability to torture Scylla to get her to reveal information about the Spree.
  • Storm Generation: Alder's family were stewards of a very powerful and ancient song. Alder used this song when she was about to be hanged, creating a massive storm. The release of the vocalizations created weather work. After her title as General is revoked, Alder caused storm clouds and lightning to appear over the White House. With the help of the biddies, she took control of the Camarilla's storm and turned it into lightning to use against them.
  • Biokinesis: Alder was able to cut a Camarilla member in half with a wave of invisible energy.

Abilities Edit

  • Expert Scourge Wielder: At some point after the creation of the military, Alder started using a scourge in battle. She was able to quickly defeat two incoming Camarilla members after being given directions from Tally.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Biddies: Alder's main weakness is her Biddies, if one dies then Alder will slowly return to her actual age unless another takes the dead biddies place.

Quotes Edit

Honor me, make a place for me and my kind and we will win your wars.

General Sara Alder to Massachusetts Bay Militia, Say the Words

We will need all of you to meet what's coming

General Sara Alder, Say the Words

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  • Sarah is over 300 years old.

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