Scylla is one of the main characters in Motherland: Fort Salem. She is portrayed by Amalia Holm.

She is a playful yet dark and mischievous recruit who is not what she appears to be.

History Edit

Scylla doesn't talk about her personal life easily. She says she's been burned before. According to a rumor, Scylla's parents were "draft dodgers" and were killed by the army although she tells Raelle privately that this is actually true and that's why her family moved around so much to keep ahead. Scylla joined the military to keep one step ahead of those who killed her parents; this is presumably when she joined The Spree as part of her revenge plan.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1Edit

Scylla is a female cadet at Fort Salem, in the Necro division. She meets Raelle Collar and they instantly connect. Scylla convinces Raelle to try a drug, salva, and they float high in the sky together until Anacostia catches them. Anacostia warns Scylla to stay away from Raelle.

Later on, in a dorm room at the school, a witch from The Spree changes her face to look like Scylla. After, Raelle knocks at her door and they start to kiss.

Scylla continues to try and deceive Raelle and the other witches, while secretly supporting her plan from The Spree. She asks her leaders for excavation soon but they tell her to stay the course and to continue to deceive the witches at Fort Salem.

Unexpectedly, on the eve of Beltane, a male witch comes and recognizes Scylla. His name is Porter and he is shocked to see Scylla, knowing her past and how her parents died. He and Scylla had dated previously. Scylla sees Porter and kisses him in order to possess him. She whispers something in his ear which sends him to his death. He flings himself out of a window and dies, along with Scylla's secrets.

As Raelle got hurt while trying to save Porter, Scylla is seemingly worried about her. Raelle continuously asks Scylla about her past with Porter and she dodges the questions until Scylla eventually admits having strong feelings for Raelle. This confession makes Raelle stop asking question and promises Scylla to always be with her no matter what. This is the moment when Scylla starts to question her loyality towards The Spree as she was falling for Raelle.

Scylla doesn't get an invite to Charvel Bellweather's wedding, so instead she disguises herself as a server to sneak in and then change back into her clothing. Scylla communicates with The Spree in the bathroom at the wedding; she asks questions about Raelle's safety to make sure. However, The Spree doesn't give her a trust and tells her "Bring her and no more questions." While these were happening, Tally was also in the bathroom. After finding out the truth about Scylla, Tally immediately tells Anacostia that she thinks Scylla is part of The Spree. Meanwhile, Scylla and Raelle dance and get closer. She tells Raelle "No matter what happens, I love you." and right at the moment, Scylla chooses to betray The Spree since she fell in love with Raelle.

After The Spree attack at the wedding, Scylla seems to disappear. She leaves the pin that Raelle gifted her behind on the floor.

Throughout the episode, Up is Down, it seems like Scylla is dead, at least according to Izadora. The last scene of the episode shows Scylla, alive, in chains, being interrogated by Izadora, Anacostia Quartermaine, and Sarah Alder for her involvement in The Spree attack.

Anacostia tries to use whatever means possible to interrogate Scylla, who resists her attempts. Anacostia eventually brings Raelle in to make Scylla vulnerable. Scylla kisses her and tells her not to believe every bad thing they say about her and to know that she loves her. Anacostia manages to read Scylla's memories to see where The Spree headquarters are, as well as discovering that Scylla was the one who attacked the mall.

Alder gives the order to send Scylla to prison, but Anacostia has her doubts that it's the right move, thinking that Scylla might be willing to be turned against the Spree. Anacostia goes to talk to Scylla and Scylla requests to see Raelle one more time. Scylla tells Raelle she loves her and that her love was real and never fake, even though Raelle was her target.

Anacostia comes to see Scylla again to inform her that she is being picked up for jail in two hours. Anacostia suddenly frees Scylla and tells her to "hold on to the part of you that's good". She gives her a lighter and tells her to make the escape look "good". Scylla knocks out Anacostia and disguises herself as Anacostia and walks out.

Scylla escapes and goes straight to a house and says a code to enter. Scylla goes into the kitchen where a woman welcomes her back. She turns around and it is revealed that The Spree leader is Raelle's mother, Willa Collar. Willa tells Scylla, "You were supposed to bring me back my daughter."

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Scylla has short, dark brown hair and is of medium stature. She has bright ocean blue eyes.

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Powers Edit

Witch Physiology: As a witch, Scylla is capable of affecting change by generating different sound frequencies with her voice. She specializes in Necro at Fort Salem.

  • Levitation: By using Salva, Scylla can levitate several feet off the ground, as she did with Raelle in the forest.
  • Pyro-Shapeshifting: By holding up a lighter to her chin, she can burn away her face and regrow another person's face and body beneath.
  • Coin Trap: A coin placed outside of her apartment fell over as Raelle walks by, seeming to alert her as Raelle approached.
  • Life/Death Force Conversion (Death Cap Generation): When in the cemetery with Raelle, she sprouts a death cap mushroom from a bird's corpse.
  • Suggestion: After whispering the words "I'm filled with unbearable sadness" into Porter's ear, he throws himself off the rooftop of her apartment. She used this on a wider scale with a Spree balloon to cause mass suicide.
  • Heat Generation: In an attempt to spoil Porter's corpse before the Necro class could open a death current and disclose his true killer, Scylla stares at the thermometer and mutters intensely to herself, causing the room to heat up and the mercury in the thermometer to rise.
  • Death Current: The combination of the collective energies of Beltane and precise seed sounds allows for the opening of a death current. The activation of the current seems to require a bird, which crawls down the corpse's throat before allowing them to communicate.

Equipment Edit

  • Salva: During her time at Fort Salem, Scylla stole Salva to levitate with Raelle.
  • Lighter: As part of the Spree, Scylla uses a lighter to help her with Shapeshifting.

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Live a little!

Scylla to Raelle in Say the Words

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