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Tally Craven is one of the main characters in Motherland: Fort Salem. She is portrayed by Jessica Sutton.

She is a kind, strong-willed, and curious witch who enlisted despite her mother’s passionate disapproval, believing it to be her duty and that it's important to make a difference in the world, given the challenges her people face.


Tally originates from a Matrifocal compound near Sacramento, California. She grew up in a place governed entirely by witch women, where no man is allowed to visit. Tally's mother lost four sisters in combat and received a dispensation from the Army that enabled her to avoid conscription and military service. She wanted the same for Tally, but Tally wants to serve and have a positive impact on the world. She argues with her mother constantly regarding the matter and her decision to enlist is a source of much friction between them.

She is a virgin at the beginning of Season 1 and the least experienced of the three. Tally grew up with fellow cadet Glory Moffett, whom she's friends with.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Despite her mother's opposition, Tally enlists in the army because she believes it is her duty and she wants to protect the innocent. She arrives at an airport and a man gives her his ticket to Boston. Around her people begin to whisper when seeing that she is a witch.

At Fort Salem, she is placed into a unit with Raelle Collar and Abigail Bellweather. Tally tries to get the unit to work together, but Raelle and Abigail butt heads. The trio perform well during a harmonics exercise and begin to get along.

During lunch, Tally meets a friend from her compound named Glory Moffet who can't believe Tally would come to Fort Salem willingly.

Tally begins to doubt her ability to be a soldier when she fails to attack Anacostia and when her mother tells her that Fort Salem is not for her. During the pageant in Salem Town, a balloon is released and the civilians go into a panic. The cadets try to calm everyone down, but a man says that since the Spree are committing these attacks, all witches are the problem. Tally windstrikes him in anger.

Later, the unit along with Glory and Libba Swythe party and get drunk together. Tally tells them that she made the right choice enlisting and that they are her "witches." They agree and continue to party.

When the male witches arrive for the Beltane ceremony, Tally's eyes light up. She has never been around men before and she gets very excited about the prospect of a potential romance. Gerit Buttonwood immediately catches her eye and they begin to flirt. Later on, they kiss.

Their relationship starts to progress and at the Beltane dance, they connect and have sex. They passionately say goodbye as Gerit has to go back to his academy. She ecstatically tells her friends about losing her virginity.

At Charvel Bellweather's wedding, Tally is thrilled to see that Gerit is there. They run off and make out and Tally is giddy until later she finds out that Gerit is in fact engaged to Hilary Saint.

Later at the wedding, while crying in the bathroom, Tally overhears Scylla talking to a mirror (being controlled by The Spree). She runs to tell Anacostia when she saw and what she suspects. Later, she is told to keep this a secret from her unit.

During linking training, Tally pairs with Glory to prevent Raelle from seeing her memories. She along with the rest of the class get put to sleep when Raelle gets angry.

During Citydrop, she and the rest of the cadets are ordered by General Alder to participate in an attack against the Spree where the cadets unknowingly killed several hostages. At the time of the attack, only Tally, Anacostia, and the leadership were aware of the true nature of the hostages' deaths (they were alive when they were killed with the Spree as collateral damage by the cadets). This act weighed on Tally greatly, who joined the army believing she would be fighting to end suffering and death of the innocent.

Tally is present when the unit goes to General Bellweather to inform her that Scylla is on-base and the Spree has infiltrated Fort Salem. This sets off a series of events where the President tries to remove Alder's power and replace her role with General Bellweather. Alder finds out and puppets the president to gain absolute power. Tally finds out and starts to question more and more the actions and decisions of General Alder.

After Gerit is married, she continues to have a sexual relationship with him to deal with her feelings about what happened at Citydrop. When in bed with him, Hilary walks in and asks to join in. Tally is furious and breaks up with Gerit.

Tally, Abigail, and Raelle complete basic training and attend their graduation. They are elated and go to wait for their assignments. Expecting War College, they are all shocked and disappointed to see that they were assigned into combat to be deployed immediately. General Alder personally blocked their War College acceptance because she wanted them to accompany her on a rescue mission for the Tarim.

Anacostia tells them that Abigail will not be joining them. Tally is devastated, but Anacostia tells her to get her head in the mission. Tally thanks Anacostia for taking care of them.

Upon boarding the plane, Abigail appears behind them and the unit embrace. The unit flies off to go save the Tarim, along with the help of Adil. Upon landing, Tally tells the group that they are being watched and that they feel hostile. They camp on the ground. The girls accuse Alder of many wrongdoings and demand answers. Alder says she doesn't owe them any answers but for the sake of trust she will explain herself. She explains how she has had to make many hard decisions over the years and that every decision hurts, but it is for the greater good.

They find the Tarim hidden in a cave. Tally confronts Alder about her power lust. Alder tells her that she grew up in constant fear and only wishes to use the Tarim's songs to to make the world a better place. After the Tarim are healed, Tally reports that there are people waiting for them outside. She tells them that they aren't witches. They find the reemerged Camarilla have taken the pilots and burn them alive in front of the group.

The Camarilla conjure a dust storm and attack the group. Tally is able to detect where they are and tells the witches where to strike. Alder's biddies get hurt, which in turn starts to weaken Alder. In a moment of panic, Tally tells Alder to take her youth so that she can recover. Alder accepts and Tally instantly grows very old.

Tally becomes a biddy

 Raelle gets stabbed and Abigail runs out to save her, Alder has to make the hard call to leave them to save the group. Tally is distraught and devastated as she sees her two best friends lie dying, left behind.

Season 2[]

Alder offers Tally the chance to have her youth restored and return to the way she once was. She tells her it's a very rare opportunity, but Tally replies that she made her decision and she's sticking with it. Alder, however, tells her that it's not an order, simply an offer, and one that isn't without serious risks. She eventually takes the offer and shares a happy reunion with Raelle and Abigail, surprised to learn that they are, in fact, alive. The three of them then learn that they have all been accepted to War College as part of the Sekhmet unit.

Tally begins experiencing nightmares - visions of Alder's past and a woman named Nicte Batan who served with Alder. In the midst of the War College training, she takes notice of Penelope Silver, the daughter of the Vice President and a new recruit. Seeing that Penelope is having trouble fitting in, she goes to Alder, offering to take Penelope under her wing and get her up to speed and ready for Basic. Alder agrees to the request. Later, Tally takes Penelope to a museum with pictures of Alder in order to bring her up to speed on the coven's history. As they explore the museum, she discovers a photo with a shimmery image of Nicte, one which Penelope cannot see. She realizes that somebody is using a working to try to hide all evidence of Nicte's existence.


Physical Appearance[]

Tally is tall with long auburn hair and dark brown eyes.

Her "mark" is located behind her right ear.

Powers and Abilities[]


Witch Physiology: As witch, Tally can create change in the physical world by generating different seed sounds with her voice. She is very talented in knower specialized work. Along with Abigail and Raelle, she is one of the most powerful cadets in her year.

  • Sigil Manipulation: By drawing a sigil with her pinky on the door handle, she stops her mother’s banging and pleading, effectively locking her out before her call comes.
  • Maelstrom Generation: By performing the seed of reversal with Raelle and Abigail, the trio is able to conjure a massive maelstrom in a vocal session.
  • Windshear: First "song" taught to the girls of Fort Salem; a “site-specific rapid conjuration impact-absorbing shield, made by layering two complicated seed sounds sub-vocally.” Tally and the rest of the witches in basic training use this ability during their mission against the Spree in Boston, creating so much pressure that the first truck driven by a member of the Spree's leadership collides with it and is caused to flip over and roll into the nearby field.
  • Windstrike: Second “song” taught to the girls of Fort Salem; a propulsive burst of air. Together with Raelle and Abigail, the group is able to exert over 1600 lbs of pressure per square foot, shown when they blast a hole through solid metal. In Not Our Daughters, Tally and M windstrike the Camarilla's van to stop them from hurting Abigail. After spotting the traitor among the Biddies during Nicte's second attack on General Alder, Tally windstrikes her away at the end of Irrevocable.
  • Levitation: By using Salva, Tally can levitate several feet off the ground and with practice could perform combat drops. During Citydrop, she injures her leg near the end of the drop and is healed by Raelle.
  • Scrying: Tally demonstrates a natural talent for scrying, capable of certain intuitive works. Charged by the excitement of the male witches' arrival, Tally excels at Anacostia's scrying challenge and is able to accurately name every color of each flag behind the barrels. Later, she demonstrates more unique scrying work that surprises even her War College instructor, and later is able to see Nicte in a photo that was concealed by General Alder in Abomination. In Irrevocable, Tally is able to quickly determine which Biddie was a traitor and quickly windstrike her away from Alder.
    • Clairvoyance: She is able to sense Adil's presence while he was invisible. Tally demonstrates the ability to see inside an enclosed truck without the need to project the visions to a scry. Later, she shares that she could also feel the emotions of the hostages inside the truck. She is later able to detect the presence of the Camarilla outside the cave, and later the exact locations of several Camarilla soldiers in the middle of a dust storm.
    • Synesthesia: Tally's abilities have grown to a level where she can visually perceive workings. In the "Dollhouse" training in Abomination, she is able to see the work as golden streams of light, similar to an aurora, emanating from a source. This is an uncommon enough ability that it piqued the interest of Major Madga Verger. She repeatedly uses this unique ability to determine the source for various workings - whether it is fellow witches, an animal medium, or a device.
  • Telepathy: Dubbed "Farspeech" by the witches at Fort Salem. Used by the unit to communicate and recieve orders from General Alder in Not Our Daughters.

Former Powers[]

  • Biddy PhysiologyAs a biddy, Tally is physically much older and linked with the other biddies, as well as Sarah Alder. After a offer from General Alder, Tally is given her life back with her team and loses the powers of a biddy.
    • Age Transferance: After two biddes died in battle, Tally sacrifices her youth to a dying General Alder to save her life. After given her life back, Tally loses all biddy powers, however, she continues to experience visions of General Alder's past.
    • Telepathic Link: As a biddy, she shared a telepathic link with General Alder and the other biddies. She could hear Alder's surface level thoughts such as directives and recently acquired information but could access Alder's long term memories. She also could hear the thoughts of the other biddies and likened the experience to being in a crowded vehicle on a never-ending road trip.
      • Emotional Hive Mind: Tally joined the other biddies at expressing General Alder's negative emotions through hissing and teeth clicking. This appears to be an involuntary reflex as Tally caught herself after General Bellweather rebuked their behavior.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a soldier, Tally is in top physical condition.
  • Expert Combatant: During her time at Fort Salem, Tally learns hand-to-hand combat. During Citydrop, she defeats an evaluator when unable to vocalize.
  • Improvisational Sound Countering: She is able to extrapolate seed sounds based on what sounds she sees. She first used this against The Camarilla, having seen the sounds created by their disruption devices and deducing the frequencies needed to be sung to counteract their effects.


  • Combat Charm: A charm given to Tally by her mother that is designed to keep the wearer safe in battle.
  • ScourgeDuring her time at Fort Salem, Tally started using her scourge when in battle.
  • Scry: During her time at Fort Salem, Tally has been trained to use a scry in the field to find things, although she eventually grew to not need it.
  • Salva: During her time at Fort Salem, Tally has started to use Salva to practice combat drops.


It's my duty to fight for this country. I think of it more as a privilege. A privilege we witches share.

A soldier couldn't ask for better sisters.

Tally, My Witches

Hi I'm Tally, I'm a complete virgin and hot for any part of you that's available


  • Tally was a virgin before going to Fort Salem.
  • Her ancestor May Craven, her mother's namesake, fought with General Alder, at the Battle of Appomattox.
  • Tally is the only member of the Bellweather unit to not have killed anyone.


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