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The Spree are a group of witches who coordinate terrorist attacks around the world in an attempt to end the conscription of witches.


Nicte Batan formed the Spree sometime in the 1990s as a group of loosely independent cells coordinating guerilla resistance to the conscription of witches on a global level. Their first confirmed attack took place in 1997 - killing a number of civilians that matched the number Alder killed in Liberia. As of the last couple of years, they have switched to mass destruction tactics - using balloons to spread sound curses and other forbidden works to mass murder civilian populations.

The Spree trapped a platoon of soldiers led by Petra Bellweather in a bunker in Greenville with a storm song after detecting their arrival. A firefight broke out between the two groups and Willa Collar was allegedly killed. In reality, Willa somehow survived and became part of the Spree.

On Conscription Day, Scylla Ramshorn, a cadet at Fort Salem went to a Spree armory in Baylord Auto and joined them. She received a balloon and instructions to attack a mall. Despite her reservations, she shape-shifted and used a balloon to cause 1600 people to jump to their deaths. She later received orders unknowingly from Willa to get close to her daughter - Raelle Collar and bring her to the Spree.

A day after Conscription Day, the Spree attacked a French cruise and caused the passengers to commit suicide.

At some point, a Spree cell used a plague bomb to attack the British embassy, killing 233 people and injuring 91 in the most horrible ways imaginable.

The Spree began using a new type of bomb involving the use of anything that can hold a volume of air. They used this method with a plastic bottle on a bus in Kiev.

A strike team of American witches arrived at a bottling plant at an airport in Kiev with intel on the Spree. A bottle hanging from the ceiling exploded, causing the witches to kill each other.

Scylla continued to get close to Raelle, eventually having genuine feelings for her and the two began a relationship.

In Dayton, Ohio, a male Spree witch disguised as a lifeguard used a flotation device in a pool to freeze it inside and out which kills the swimming people.

On the eve of Beltane, Scylla's ex boyfriend - Porter Tippet got suspicious of her and confronted her in her dorm room. She seduced him and mind controlled him into committing suicide. The necros performed a death current on his body to see if his death was Spree-related. At the same time, the generals tried to detect work residue on the students' mirrors - which Scylla had been using to communicate with the Spree. A Spree witch influenced Porter, so he said nothing of Scylla and the witches found nothing on the mirrors. Scylla was later threatened by the Spree agent to get invited to Charvel Bellweather's wedding.

During the wedding, Scylla was given orders to deliver Raelle to Penelope Road at 6pm. After they can't guarantee her safety, and reminiscing over their relationship, Scylla doesn't complete the task.

At the wedding, Charvel was murdered by attackers, who removed her vocal cords, and claimed to be Spree, and balloons arrive at the wedding. Both threats are dispatched by the Bellweathers. Scylla disappears afterwards. Seventeen Bellweathers were executed at the same time as Charvel, despite the fact that their connection to the Bellwether Matriline had been lost to time. It was later revealed that the attacks on the Bellweathers were committed by the Camarilla.

The Spree's "creative" violence continued to escalate to the point where non-witches began to harass male witches and rumors of Congress disbanding the Accord circulated.

Scylla had been captured at the wedding by Anacostia and was being interrogated by Anacostia, Izadora, and General Alder. Scylla resists their torture, but Anacostia uses Raelle to get inside Scylla's mind and discovers the Baylord Auto armory.

The army sends forces to infiltrate the armory, but the building is destroyed in a massive explosion, killing witches and civilians alike. The Spree drive two trucks filled with mines and hostages to the airport with plans of a massive coordinated attack starting from Boston and spreading to nations around the globe. The trucks are intercepted by the cadet team arriving from Citydrop. The cadets knock the first truck into a nearby field. Amina Straw shapeshifts into Scylla when Raelle runs after her. The two fight and Raelle knocks out (potentially killing her). The Spree activate the mines and drive the truck towards the cadets. The cadets perform a unified windshear, destroying the truck and killing Spree operatives along with the civilian hostages. Several agents of the Spree are captured in the aftermath, including members of the local leadership.

A disguised Willa Collar enters a soccer game and uses the work weaved into the air of the ball to hypnotize the crowd to chant "our ancient enemy has returned," referring to the Camarilla. She was initially planned to murder the entire population at the stadium and her deviation from the assignment has led to other cells becoming distrustful of her cell.

Scylla escapes when Anacostia sympathizes with her and the Spree. Scylla goes to a Spree safe house and is unknowingly followed by Anacostia. She walks into the kitchen to find Willa Collar, who tells Scylla, that she was supposed to bring her her daughter Raelle.


Fueled by her personal vendetta against General Alder's unethical use of her mass pushing work for murderous military purposes, Nicte Batan formed the Spree as radical group of terrorist witches. The Spree aims to dismantle the global industrial military complex and liberate the witches around the world who fight in their countries' militaries. To build their ranks, the Spree prey on and recruit ideologically vulnerable witches such as disillusioned soldiers and witches born to draft dodgers.

General Alder has known for a long while that Nicte is at the core of The Spree. Alder chose to keep Nicte's existence and their relationships to The Spree confidential in the hope that having The Spree as "a common enemy" would help the public perception of her and the witch army. The witch military in turn has been teaching cadets that the terrorist group lacks a great leader and favors hierarchies within local cells.

They use coordinated mass killings of non-witches to stoke division between witches and non-witches, hoping to force governments into dismantling their witch armies. On less common occasions, they will also attack to weaken the ranks of complicit witches - setting up traps to kill military witch units or finding ways to directly attack leadership.

Among their beliefs are:

  • The conscription of witches is slavery to non-witches
  • Non-witches are evil and their hatred towards witches never goes away
  • Mainstream witch culture is complicit in the enslavement of witches

Their modus operandi is to use containers of air such as balloons to deliver devastating works on civilian populations.


The Spree can change appearance to look like anyone else. They do this by burning their face off and on with a lighter. Nicte Batan also demonstrated the ability to change the appearance of an entire bus using the same technique in Revolution, Part 1

Known Members[]

Signature Work[]

Air Enchantment - The signature modus operandi of The Spree as of late involves keeping powerful workings in containers of air such as balloons and inflatable balls. When the air in the vessels are released, the work in the vessels and their disastrous effects are released as well.

Pushing - As the founder Nicte was a witch gifted in pushing work, The Spree regularly employ variations of this working in their technology.

  • Mass pushing - Pushing work can be contained within containers of air such as balloons. When the air is released, it compels everyone who hears it to carry out the orders in the work.
  • Lethal Hallucinations - The workings contained in their suicide bombs can push powerfully compelling hallucinations in the victim, making the victim hallucinate being attacked when in reality they are hurting themselves.

Pyro-Shapeshifting - By holding a fire to their faces, Spree members can burn away their current appearance and "burn on" a new one. This ability affects the entire body, allowing a witch to alter their hair, height, physical build, and other characteristics as desired. In "Citydrop," a Spree member's shapeshifted to look like Scylla but reverted to her true form and appearance after being knocked out/killed by Raelle. This work can also be used to temporarily swap appearances with another.

Mirror Communication - One mode of communication The Spree employs involves sending messages from one mirror to another.

Sympathetic Attacks - Nicte and other Spree witches attempted to assassinate General Alder by using willing Spree participants as living voodoo dolls - inflicting lethal injuries and torture on the volunteer and using linking work to mirror the damage on Alder. Unlike the healing work used by Raelle where the injury leaves one body and manifests on another, the witch who initially receives the injuries in this working retains them.


  • Containers - The Spree plant their work in objects that can contain air. After being activated by a Spree member's seed sounds, the enchanted air explodes out of their vessels and cause one of a variety of destructive effects.
    • Balloons - the most common and recognizable instrument of the Spree
    • Bottles
    • Inflatable Flotation Devices
    • Balls
  • Lighters - Members of the Spree carry around lighters to burn away their current appearance and shapeshift into another.
  • Mirrors - The Spree uses mirrors to communicate between operatives.



"We are the Spree"

The Spree

"The way out is in. The way over is under."

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