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The Tarim are a small pacifistic sect of nomadic witches that come from a very contested part of the world.


The Tarim do not want any part in the fighting or militarization. They possess a mystical technology, songs and sacred sounds that have not been heard from generations. The songs they possess are very similar to the ones Sarah Alder's family carried for centuries.

They were discovered in the desert region near the border between Russia and China. Several nations offered the Tarim asylum in exchange for the seeds, but the Tarim refused. China made two hostile attempts and as a result children and elderly began dying of hunger and disease. Several governments began assaulting the Tarim with weather and kidnapping their members.

The reemerged Camarilla began to target the Tarim with an nearly incurable illness. Adil takes his sister - Khalida to Fort Salem to treat the illness. The fixers fail to cure her, but Raelle Collar - a cadet in basic training is able to heal Khalida with her Christo-pagan fixing work. General Alder asks Khalida to teach her the Tarim's songs, but Khalida tricks and attacks her.

The Camarilla continue to attack the Tarim. Fifteen members of the Tarim are discovered in the Altai Mountains by the American military with their vocal cords removed and their bodies arranged in a pentagram.

Izadora tells Alder that there are less than ten Tarim remaining. General Alder tells Adil and Khalida about her plans to save the Tarim, but Khalida refuses due to her distrust of governments and armies. Khalida eventually agrees, but on the condition that the Bellweather unit accompany Alder due to Raelle's success with her ailments.

General Alder, the Bellweather unit, Adil, and several other witches arrive in the Altai Mountains and discover a Tarim elder dressed as Alder's sister hanging by a cave entrance. The witches find the Tarim and Raelle heals a little boy with the Camarilla's illness.

On their way out of the mountains, the group is attacked by the Camarilla. The army fight them while the Tarim board the helicopter. The group manages to escape despite having to leave Raelle Collar and Abigail Bellweather behind.