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War College is military training at the advanced level. Once the cadets complete basic training, the military high council determines if the cadets are deployed or go on to War College.[1] As of 2020, the Dean of War College is Coral Hallmote.[2]


Students at War College are divided into companies known as Covens, all of which are named after a war goddess.

Most classes of the cadets in War College are tailored towards their individual specialties, though they are still expected to attend some general classes with their Coven-mates. If units from Basic are sent to War College, they still bunk together.

The foundational principles of War College are said to be to know, to constantly be seeking the truth no matter where it leads you and to dare to be utterly fearless: not just in facing the enemy, but also what lies inside you. To will, to effect change in the world around you with total control and conscious intuition. And to keep silent: All Secrets Keep.

Staff and Classess[]

Known Cadets[]

Coven Sekhmet:




  • Although there are more male witches around in War College compared to the scarce and infrequent male presence in Basic,[3] they are still rare enough that it is celebrated or still worth pointing out by other witches.[4]
  • War College is located on the other side of the woods at Fort Salem.[3]


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