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Willa Collar is a character in Motherland: Fort Salem. She is Raelle Collar's mother and the leader of a Spree cell.


In her youth, Willa attended Fort Salem, but failed to get into War College. She later married a civilian named Edwin Collar and together they had a daughter named Raelle. They lived together in the Chippewa Cession, a massive unified Native American reservation that borders the Mississippi River. Due to this union, Willa was constantly deployed away from her family. She gained considerable status in the military due to her use of Christo-pagan work that allowed her to save countless lives.

Willa's supposed death was believed to be because of the actions of General Petra Bellweather, according to Raelle, although exactly what happened is unclear. It was said that Willa and her platoon were trapped in a bunker in Greenville by The Spree and at some point a firefight broke out and the sand turned to glass around Willa and the army had to crack what was left of her out.

When Raelle graduates from basic training, her father hands her a letter written to her by her mother. She opens it and Willa tells Raelle that she loves her and to trust her gift and to never doubt it, even for a minute. Raelle tears up at her mother's memory.

At the end of the episode, Witchbomb, Scylla is set free by Anacostia to escape. Scylla leaves and goes to The Spree refuge house where she addresses her leader. Her leader is revealed to be Willa. She tells Scylla, "You were supposed to bring me back my daughter."


Powers and Abilities[]

Witch Physiology: As a witch, Willa is capable of affecting change by generating different sound frequencies with her voice. She is a powerful fixer and was renowned in the military for her skill.

  • Healing: As a fixer, Willa specializes in healing. By reciting verses from the Bible, Willa could heal the wounds of others. She taught this unconventional work to her daughter. Her Christo-pagan work was extremely effective while she was deployed, with every unit wanting to deploy with her.
  • Memory Sigil: By drawing a sigil on her letters, Willa can allow other witches to see and hear her writing the letter along with the action.
  • Mirror Communication: Willa communicated with Scylla as a balloon using a mirror.
  • Telepathy: Willa was able to use telepathy to show Scylla her past and what happened to the leaders of the spree. Willa was able to see what happened to Tiffany and where they were keeping the other witches.
  • Windstrike: Willa was able to preform a windstrike to smash a street light at the Camarilla hideout.
  • Animal Control/Manipulation: Willa was able to use a seed to control a dog to attack a member of the Camarilla, during a rescue mission to save Raelle.


You were supposed to bring me back my daughter.

Willa in Witchbomb


  • The exact circumstances of how Willa defected from the army are unknown.
  • According to Edwin, Willa didn't get into War College.
  • Willa has/had a sister, but it is unknown what happened to her.
    • Raelle doesn't mention her during the remembrance ceremony, implying she is still alive.