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Witchfather is a character in Motherland: Fort Salem. He is portrayed by Nick Tarabay.


Witchfather is a male counterpart to Sarah Alder, training male witches in making the equipment the other witches use in combat. He also teaches them how to intermingle with female witches to continue the lines of power.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Witchfather arrives at Fort Salem on the eve of Beltane, along with his group of male witch cadets. He greets General Alder and the female witches.

At a picnic, he walks up to the Bellweather unit and says hello. He tells Abigail Bellweather she reminds him of her mother after she flirts with him.

After Porter Tippet's "suicide", Witchfather and Alder tell the cadets that participation in Beltane is mandatory.

During Beltane, Witchfather has sex with General Alder surrounded by her Biddies.

As the male witches leave Fort Salem, Witchfather gives Raelle Collar - the witch who tried to save Porter' life, the scourge he made.

Alder tells Witchfather that celebrating Beltane matters despite the Spree's opportunity to attack. Witchfather tells Sarah that the lack of Spree attacks is temporary.

Witchfather and his men return to Fort Salem during the events of Mother Mycelium, in which he delivers first-hand accounts to Alder regarding the growing distrust of witches amongst the civilian population, and the two discuss the consequences of her interest in the Tarim.


Sarah Alder - colleague/sexual partner

Physical Appearance[]

He is tall and large with dark brown hair and a beard.


Oh, Ms. Bellweather. You remind me of your mother. Shameless. 

Witchfather to Abigail Bellweather, A Biddy's Life

Before we leave, there's something I wanted to give you. It's the Scourge Porter made. It's clear no other witch deserves it more than you. I can't think of any other way that would best honor his memory.

Witchfather to Raelle Collar, Hail Beltane

Listen up! Citydrop is being expedited. So when you're not eating or sleeping, you're at the workshop, modifying weapons.

Witchfather directing is his men, Mother Mycelium

Everywhere we went, the way the civilians looked at us, the pitchforks were almost out, if you get my meaning. And between us, I've heard whispers about a growing debate in Congress to revoke the Accord and disband the Army. How could they justify that?

Witchfather to Sarah Alder, Mother Mycelium


  • The Witchfather position changes every couple of years.